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Jinke Yinji·Longdao ONE Model Room Project


The Jinke Yinji·Changdao ONE model room project is located in Xinmi City, Zhengzhou City. It was presented in August 2020. The 95-square-meter small apartment has undergone a layout transformation and the space is more open, making the activity area wider, and the space is made of cotton and linen. , Native wood creates a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

Beijing Jinghe International Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Jinghe Design mainly provides professional apartment planning, interior design and soft furnishing supporting services for real estate developers. The design content includes: hotel, catering, sales office, model room, clubhouse and supporting commercial office space, scene creation of real estate demonstration area, etc. From the worrying of the apartment in the early stage, the style positioning, the implementation of the design, the deepening of the construction drawing, the model selection, the follow-up of the project progress, the on-site guidance to the improvement of the overall soft furnishings in the later stage, it is the high-quality and professional service we provide to our customers. The customer's commitment. The design team has served many outstanding customers with mature, creative design concepts and design styles. Our declaration: We believe in the infinite possibilities of life, we create every work with our heart, we are proud and fearless, we are true and never contrived, we give without complaint, we are passionate but not eager for quick success, we are flying in our hearts A firm dream.