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Jinke Chongqing Bocui Future Sales Center


The design of Jinke·Chongqing Bocui Future Sales Center takes nature as the design starting point, combines spatial aesthetics and multiple thinking, uses curve design to interpret different states in the development of life, depicts the future life of "all things growing", and creates a A natural space where ecology and art blend, leisure and relaxation.
Project Name | Jinke·Bocui Future Marketing Center
Project address | Chongqing
Project area | 1100㎡
Completion time | October 2020
Space Design | NNS DESIGN
Furnishing Design | NNS DESIGN
Project Photography | Qiwen Photography
Special thanks | Chongqing Jinke Garden Decoration Department

NNS Design

NNS Design was initiated by Mr. Wang Chao in 2013 and founded by a group of designers who have a common vision for the future.Originating from the yearning for a better future through design, we strive to create an organizational form of shared responsibility, sharing and win-win.

With design and creation as the core, try to develop and transform in multiple fields to create value. Strive for speculation in creative thinking, and evolve the space experience under different forms in the change. It is intended to convey people’s emotions and feelings through the spatial media and the perception of the details of the constituent elements. Committed to solving the core problems of partners through the power of design, and bringing different experiences to users.