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Jindi Qingdao Jinchen Sales Office


Listen to the murmur of the waves
Use light condense time
Blue, is the most legendary immortal in life, from the sea and the sky, represents people's yearning for nature.
This project takes ocean blue as the main source of design inspiration to create a visual space,which is full of artistic impressions and inject more possibilities. The unique style and artistic feelings are created through the texture materials and fabrics.
After the light of the day faded, the facade of the Jinchen sales office gradually rendered different levels of ink wave lines, pure and clear space guidance, flowing rhythm and story.
Listen to the sea

H.A.S associate

H.A.S associate is a professional interior design company dedicated to providing decision support and services for construction and development projects. The interior team was born out of the core designers of banyan tree hotel group in Singapore. The clients we serve include banyan tree, vanke, gemland, poly, shimao, Greenland, longhu, country garden, jingrui and other national first-tier real estate enterprises and hotel groups, as well as rapidly developing real estate enterprises such as China fortune, xincheng group, dongyuan real estate, zhongjiao real estate, hongyang real estate, xiangsheng real estate and haier real estate. Industry experience involves all kinds of residential products (multi-storey, high-rise, villa, townhouse, courtyard, etc.) as well as large planning, urban complex, hotel, business and many other fields. It has market leading advantages in high-end hotels, villas, model rooms and other aspects.