INNOVATION Prize of Cultural Office

Jincheng College


The space design of Jincheng university is a social sharing training and education space based on the idea of sharing. Here, it covers a variety of functions, such as meetings, roadshows, exchanges, tea talks, etc. Therefore, the plant background of the entrance hall is just the implication. Education and cultivation are the same concept, which requires careful care, open space and mentality



According to the overall space design, even educational institutions should not be the traditional authoritative indoctrination style appearance, but more reflect the idea of equal communication between the three people. Therefore, in the selection of style, they tend to be young and relaxed.

Wu Fan

Graduated from Zhejiang University, Miss Wu specialized in interior design and has been working in the field for more than 18 years. In the past, she focused on the research, development and management of interior design projects in Gold Mantis Group and The Design Institute Of Landsca & Architecture China Academy Of Art Co.,Ltd.
Throughout her career, a lot of outstanding designs were created and showcased in Five stars hotels, cultural centers, residential properties, accolades, etc. And she was awarded with numerous National and International prizes.

Wu Bocen