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Jinan Poly Longyu Club Project
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-Pay tribute to the classic Bulgari.
This case takes space as the carrier to create an immersive aesthetic club with cultural experience as the core! Taking Bulgari Hotel as the prototype, it leads a brand-new fashion trend and achieves a model of modern design. Feel the classic experience, the elegant texture, the hue and the unique application.
Entering the lobby on the first floor, crystal gemstones vertically descend from smallpox, fall into the sculpture in the form of water drops, and rotate down the stairs to the reception area of our basement club. The huge original stone is divided into two devices, one suspended in the air and the other placed on the water. Hundreds of millions of years of geological movements have formed mountains, canyons and rivers on the earth's surface. The rich and patterned geological features also silently bred crystals in the depths of rock formations. Later, people mined crystals, cut raw stones and polished them into exquisite and gorgeous gems. The gems were beautiful and shining, which seemed to have no association with the rough and pitted geological surfaces, but it was this plain and unpretentious raw stone that gave birth to it as a bright stardust in the ordinary earth.
Bringing cultural experience into every casual space, the bronze exhibits collected by Poly Art Museum are placed in the aisle. From left to right, they are Feng Shou Bian Qi, Shi You Ding, Ji Bo Mo and Ji Feng Bird Zun, all of which are rare and isolated in the world. In the Art Salon area, various artists' exhibitions and exchange activities are held from time to time to popularize the knowledge of art history and spread the latest academic trends, and a walnut solid wood resin board table is prepared for artists to write. With the combination of walnut solid wood board and resin for more than 300 years and modern technology, tradition and modernity are presented in front of us, and we can feel the blend of inheritance and innovation. Carry forward Chinese traditional culture and art and let art enter life. In our art salon area, the tea area was set up. The tea table was made of catalpa bungeana, which has the reputation of king of wood and golden tree. The size of 4 meters long and 1 meter wide has a history of at least 500 years. Here, the annual rings communicate with modern artists in another language.
At the school at 4: 30, bookcases and specimens of animals, plants and minerals filled the wall, creating a natural research space full of job hunting and exploration. Everything is spiritual and beautiful, allowing older children to soar in the sea of books and seek knowledge. On the other side is the children's reading and playing space. There are all kinds of international award-winning excellent picture books in the bookcase, all from the Oscar in the picture book industry. Each book has the function of entertaining and educating, and feeds our children with excellent picture books. The toys in the cupboard are mainly building blocks, and all of them are made of imported solid wood. Each building block has a unique shape, texture and color, which stimulates children's creativity. Construct their imaginary city stories and characters. Building blocks can also exercise hand-eye coordination, sense of space and problem-solving ability.
In the quiet yoga room, the brand lululemon's yoga mat, which is highly sought after by young people, is adopted, so that every owner can rest here physically and mentally, and get a balance of body and mind through the study and training of Pilates and yoga.
The indoor swimming pool also adheres to the traditional style of Bulgari brand, highlighting the strong Italian style. CULTI, the royal fragrance of Bulgari Hotel, is used in the bathroom, and the unique fragrance brings a unique experience.
The clubhouse as a whole is inspired by Bulgari's unique jewelry technology. From the color materials of the exterior to the structural texture of the interior, every place retains the Italian design style and incorporates the oriental culture of China. Customize private space for owners, respect services, and define a high-end luxury lifestyle. Clubs with high-quality real-life scenes are all seen in the future.

Agency:TCD² leveling design

TCD² Design was founded in 2014. This is a professional design company integrating interior design and soft decoration design. It is mainly dedicated to providing design technical support and services to real estate developers. The company takes residential, office space, boutique hotel and commercial space design as its core business, and provides design services for real estate developers with an international perspective. TCD² Design is based on the originality and professionalism of design, attaches importance to design schemes, and strictly controls the implementation of design intent.

Designer:Justin Zhu

Founder & General Manager
He lived in Singapore in his early years and worked as a designer in Suying Design in Singapore. TCD² flat design-founder; During his career, he served well-known real estate developers and hotel management companies at home and abroad; His works have won many awards, such as American AIIDA Design Award, Japanese IDPA Design Award, Italian IIDA International Design Award, IFI Design Award, French Double-faced God Award, London OPAL Award, IDG International Space Design Award, REARD Global Real Estate Design Award, etc. He has participated in many design publicity such as global design, design wrist, design new force, vision publishing house, etc.