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Jinan Luneng Lingxiucheng Yue Catena Model House
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Project Name: Jinan Luneng Lingxiucheng Yue Catena Model House
Location: Luneng Lingxiu City, Shizhong District, Jinan Province
Chief Designer: Simon Tsang
Assistant Designer: xufeng He
Area: 115㎡
Cost: 4000/㎡yuan for hard decoration and 3500/㎡ yuan for soft decoration
Design Cycle: May 2021
Completion time: October 2022
Main Materials: Stone, wall cloth, metal, wood finish
Client Name: Shandong Luneng Genfu Development Co., Ltd
Photographer: Jianzhong Chen
Adhering to the concept of "preservation, inheritance, and innovation", the designer uses the interweaving of oriental charm and western style to recreate the youthfulness of the space. A touch of red is reflected in the curtain of the space, opening a touch of surprise to the senses; and cheongsam, as the main line of space has the dual meaning of inheriting the tradition and improving with the times.
Design is not a pile of materials, but an aesthetic collocation of various elements. Different furniture items are used in the space, and the open space is cut while ensuring the transparency of the space. The furniture shape is selected with a little curvature, and the arc lines create a flexible aesthetic, which makes people feel in the "Yinyu Jiangnan" "Among them.
Walking into the living room, the ink-shaped stone decorates the TV background, just like a splash of ink in the white snow, layered and colorful, connecting to the ground, expressing the emotion of the space, just like the layered aesthetics of oriental ink.
The private space of the master bedroom adopts the correct and elegant Shanghai-style oriental tonality. Custom-made patterned wall coverings and floor tiles create a stylish and retro atmosphere for the elegant space, highlighting the fashion sense of Shanghai-style design.
Shakespeare said: "Life without books is like having no sunshine; wisdom without books is like a bird without wings." The study room is a place to show the owner's deep background, and it is also a space to taste life and nourish half a lifetime.
From tradition to contemporary, from space construction to soft furnishings, all of them follow the essence of the East, return to nature, and return to authenticity.


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