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Jiechang linear drive Headquarters Office
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Jiechang Linear Drive is located in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province. It is an official project of the group headquarters.
The building consists of 6 floors of offices, an outdoor atrium, and an indoor garden on the top floor, with a construction area of about 14,000 square meters. In line with showing the excellent humanistic environment and advanced scientific and technological concepts of the enterprise, these characteristics are all reflected in the overall design and process details.
The large-scale glass curtain wall of the building's facade is combined with granite stone to interpret the office building body of an industrial production enterprise in the way of combining the virtual and the real. In addition, the original building door has been remodeled in a big way in the design. An extra-long and large concave white block is used to highlight the momentum of the entrance. The LED light strips, complement the corporate LOGO in the evening, forming a unique landmark building for the company.
The interior space is an exhibition hall in the order of light and shadow, using lines and surfaces as the medium to integrate products into the space, making the space the largest stage for products. The space fantasy brought about by the harmony of light beams and light strips gives people a sense of mystery about the space and a sense of ritual when entering the space. The footsteps follow time and gradually start a "light-chasing journey".

Agency: PSU Interior Design

PSU company is a comprehensive design service company integrating architectural planning design, interior design, furniture accessories, furnishings design, furniture procurement, production, and sales. Its subordinate Shanghai Pureyoung Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (architectural interior design), Shanghai Pureyi Industrial Co., Ltd. (soft decoration and construction) is based in Shanghai and was established in 2010. The company's team is committed to providing a full range of professional design services for various types of urban development and real estate projects. The company is led by outstanding designers who have worked in well-known enterprises at home and abroad and have rich and profound practical experience in many fields of design. The company has more than 20 main designers. It is an interior integration design company with a high professional level, involving a wide range of project types and a comprehensive business.