Best of Dinning Space

Jiao Tang Thai Seafood Hotpot Concept Restaurant


The project is located in a commercial complex of the new area of Chengdu of Sichuan. The form of the project is hotpot restaurant, with a floor area of 506 m 2. In order to promote the brand populairity and attract consumers, we redefine dining space: dramatic five-sense experience is created by referring to the elements in the fileds of film and television, art science, technoloy and design. An all-around upgrade is made from the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. By conceptualized design methods, a super- future sense of immersion is brought to people gradually. We use creative material arrangement and 3D printing technology for all-around design from space design, furniture dsign, lamp design, tableware design, mechanical artistic device and modern painting to interpret the spatial immersion and has won many design patents.

Designer: Liang Chen

Born in Yingkou of Liaoning Province on March 28th of 1982n is not graduated from a famous university. However, he dares to challenge everything in the state of a child who is extremely curious about th world. In 2016, he organized the design team naed SSAD Studio in Seoul of Korea. As the founder of SSAD Studio, he calls himself a "pupil" who ardently oves design. SSAD devoted to providing top-level and all-around creation and design service of architecture, space, furniture and device for perspective clients in different industries.