INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Jiangyundu Guanjiang mansion


Project name: Jiangyundu Guanjiang mansion
Project area: 660 square meters indoors
Design cycle: three months
Completion time: September 2018
Chief designer: WuFan Liang Ruixue, Wu Yangwu, Wei Hong
Design unit: Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.
By the time the owner found us, the structural transformation had already been carried out. At the beginning of this design, we were under a lot of pressure. The owner is so picky about design quality that they have fired three designers before finding us. We are the fourth designer of their choice. Therefore, we not only have to face the strict requirements of the owner, but also to solve some of the problems left behind by the former designers.



This is a jumping four-story single-family villa. It is a panoramic view of the Yangtze River in front and the landscape is very good. There is a larger garden, which is the focus of our design at the beginning of the design.
The plane layout is unusual. According to the characteristics of the owners’ hard work (going to school) by leaving early and going home late, the master bedroom and the rooms of the two children are placed on the flat storey where access is most convenient. In order to improve the quality of the main living area of the storey, we have also set up a large living room and an oversized river terrace.
One drawback of this setting is that the main living space is at the starting point of the moving line with people coming and going. So we divide this storey into a foyer. The foyer is completely separated from the main living space by hidden doors to ensure the privacy of the main living space. The shoe cabinet in the foyer has a certain design content. In order to meet the super large storage capacity of the owner, we design an ultra-thick shoe cabinet by using one layer of fixed shoe rack and two layers of rotating shoe rack to achieve triple storage rate. At the same time, in order to make the foyer space appear pure, so that the shoe cabinet does not look like the shoe cabinet, we have done artistic treatment of the shoe cabinet door and knob to make the wallboard into one, so as to achieve functional and artistic harmony and unity.
On the second floor, the two bedrooms are first arranged on the side facing the Yangtze River. In addition to the functional rooms, such as the laundry, our focus is on the treatment of the lounge and the outdoor small garden. Because the owner's two children are relatively young, we hope that the lounge on this storey is the center of the parent-to-child activity. To make it a center of leisure, and lovable to stay, it must be interesting. It has to be boundary on all sides, not too closed. We remove one floor and let it work with the kitchen downstairs. Meanwhile, we remove one floor in a place close to the small garden, and install the glass ground, so that the lighting downstairs in this area is greatly supplemented. At the same time, it also makes the child have endless curiosity about the space. The connection and interaction between indoor space and outdoor space has always been the direction of our design. It is no exception here. At the end of the aisle, we set up a mirror pool outdoors, plant a beautiful small tree behind the pool, to form a landscape relative to the interior. In order to achieve the best viewing effect, we use a center axis rotating window here. Part of the lounge is divided as a temporary guest room, separated by folding doors from other spaces, making its spatial nature variable. There is blackboard paint on the wall so that children can write at any time.
On the first floor, there are living room, Chinese kitchen and western kitchen, restaurant, etc. There are two key points in the design of this floor, one is to form a good interaction with the outdoor garden, the other is to make the western kitchen the center of family gathering. We set the western kitchen in the place with boundary on all sides, connecting with all kinds of space, even with the second floor through the empty part. In this way, after a careful study of the owner's lifestyle, the master of the kitchen operation can interact with the children who do homework at the bar, the male owner who rest in the living room, and the children on the second floor at any time. Cupboards and island cabinets are carefully designed with powerful functions, including a wide range of equipment and very simple appearance. There is an old cupboard in the owner's house, and we bring it over from Shaanxi thousands of miles away. We make it complement each other in this modern and concise space. There is a very large garden outdoors. We set the living room and restaurant with transparent glass doors so as to blur the boundaries between inside and outside space possibly. There are also long wall holes in the TV wall, where we can not only see the outdoor scenery, but also form a good facade relationship with the minimalist TV cantilever platform.
The negative floor is the gym, next to the patio excavated, so that the gym has good ventilation and lighting. The walls of the patio have grooves cut casually by workers during construction, and we feel that it is an unwittingly artistic sense, so we retain them. We set the patio as a garden, and the garden terraces and plants all echo with the grooves on the wall
The big garden besides the river is also the focus of our consideration. At the beginning of the design, we struggled with the positioning for a while. Is it a lush garden or a relatively simple garden with a flat lawn as the theme, so that two children can run and play freely, also introducing the outside river view at the same time? Everyone agrees with the latter! At the end of the garden, we use a mirrored swimming pool as a collection. It not only has the function of swimming pool, also satisfies the playfulness of two children, at the same time it can reflect in the outside beautiful sky and the river view. A teahouse is also set up on the right side of the pool. What we want to achieve is a concrete teahouse floating on the surface of the water. Outside the teahouse there is a large terrace more extended to the river view. The master drinks tea here and watches the river, what excellent experience. The entrance of the teahouse is deliberately arranged with relative privacy, so as to let people enter a confined environment from the noisy environment. The garden is on a sloping slope on the side of the river. We change it to a flat ground with two elevations, so that there is a more private garden outside the pool. The owner can barbecue and exercise here.
This project is of great significance to us, too, because it symbolizes that the design concept of our own functional aesthetics is beginning to be shaped. Any construction we design will not exist simply because of beauty. It has its own unique function, and then considers the issues of beauty, and this beauty is preferably in harmony with the function. The beautification components are already part of the functional components. All the cabinets in this project are carefully considered, and many of them act as strong styling roles in public space. After careful study and consideration of the owner's lifestyle, these cabinets not only meet these functions, but also act as an important role in beautifying the space. Originally, some unfunctional beautification components were designed, but they were cancelled finally, to keep this pure state. Visually, we pursue a feeling of cleanliness and permeability. But it is completely different from normcore. There are still a lot of living things and colors.
Movable furniture is also seeking unity of function and aesthetics. For example, we choose low ROCHE BOBOIS sofa in the lounge on the second floor in order to match the time of parents and children.
In fact, the soft clothes of this project also reflect a sense of freedom. Not to pay attention to style schools, but achieve the appropriate match in the premise of "I like". But on the whole, it is still the tone of oriental aesthetics in pursuit of artistic conception!

Wu Fan

Job title: Design director of Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Social Position: Vice President of Chongqing Design Federation
Supervisor of Design Industry Chamber of Commerce in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing
Employment experience: 1991~1998: Chongqing First Construction Group Co., Ltd.
1998~2002: Chongqing Meiyu Construction & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
2002~2005: Chief Designer of Chongqing Jiuding Risheng Decoration Co., Ltd.
2005~2014: General Manager and Design Director of Chongqing Shoujia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
2014~ up to now, Design director of Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.