INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales

Jiangxi YanGO Wenlan Fu Sales Center


Interior from the Chinese culture, especially the song culture. The culture of Song Dynasty is pluralistic, one body is multifaceted, elegance and vulgarity depend on each other. Scholars pursue pure and elegant, meaningful and dignified. Song Dynasty was an important period for the development of academies, especially Jiangxi academies. It gathered beautiful people from all over the country, carried the sound and carried the way, and took the scenery calmly. The design is closely related to song Ya and takes shape and meaning from Academy of Southern Song Dynasty. Using the structure, materials, modeling, lighting and so on to create a quiet, elegant, down-to-earth Oriental temperament indoor environment.
In space, the aesthetics of the Southern Song Dynasty is integrated into the design scheme with modern and concise methods. On the plane, it pursues the strict symmetry technique of classical architectural plane. The sloping roof becomes the continuation of architectural modeling in the interior. The semi transparent partition expands the space, which also coincides with the loose culture and active teaching environment of scholars. It is hoped that the interior will become the visual aftersound of the four academies in the Southern Song Dynasty.
In terms of color, it follows the quiet and elegant oriental temperament, uses natural colors, and achieves less and uniform. The soft decoration is decorated with the color characteristics of Southern Song Dynasty porcelain blue glaze. It embodies the elegance and purity.
In terms of temperament, he advocates natural and implicit, plain and simple aesthetic thoughts.

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