Jasmine World EXPO Park
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The Jasmine World EXPO Park Complex is located in the town of Qingxi in Leshan. It is a 4A scenic spot that has just been designated by the government. It is also a tourist attraction that will be 4A in three years. The main core area is 1,300 mu, the expansion area is 5,000 mu and the radiation area is 12,000 mu, with a total investment of about RMB 500 million. The core development concept is to make Gandan Jasmine a super symbol of Leshan, Sichuan, China and even the world. With the World Jasmine Expo as the core, advanced jasmine deep processing as the extension of industrial value, and by building a jasmine deep tourism experience system, to create an idyllic complex of flowers, production and travel.


Founder and Creative Director of Sichuan Shun Sheng Decoration Art Design Company. As an interior architect, Jiang Yanwei has 10 years of professional design experience, good at deconstructing space art from multiple perspectives, using modern and simple design language to convey the mood, and make it blend into the current life, interpreting it in each space with different techniques. Insisting on the control of design integrity, we think about the interior from the architecture and let the spatial relationship influence the interior furnishings, which enriches the connotation of the whole project design.