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Jamie ring chair
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Jiami ring chair, the integrated chair body is the feature of this product. In response to the diversified use scenarios of the product, such as the dining room and the rest area, the product design follows the linear composition art. From the back ring stiffener to the shovel shaped ring stiffener on the seat surface, it effectively plays a decisive role in the deformation resistance of the plastic product after the integrated molding. The deformation resistance of the stiffener effectively enhances the structural strength of the product, From the starting point of each line, you can be deeply introduced into a curved world composed of lines. There are ten colors in the color matching of the product. Each color is selected from Nellan Olive Green in combination with 2022 British fashion popular colors. After each color matching produces the finished product, it has won a good reputation in the customer market. It has effectively positioned the young customer group for the manufacturer. After designing and positioning the customer group, it focuses on R&D, production efficiency and structural adjustment, Effectively improve the production efficiency, optimize the structure of the mold extraction pin, adjust the material weight according to the cost plan proposed by the customer, and then ensure the structural strength. The wall greatly optimizes the cost. The finished product is a plastic integrated molding process, and the back of the basket is a post injection integrated molding hook. The finished product has more customer groups to choose from for indoor and outdoor hole applications, with a smooth sense of lines, The integrated linear structure makes this product stand out from many other products of the same price and market.

Agency: Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd

Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (basic) is a professional brand design organization engaged in brand vision, commercial design, creative product R&D and design. It is a team composed of a group of young cutting-edge designers and fashion illustrators. We are keen to discover the true brand value from the details of life, focusing on the brand in different application environments The overall visual communication, communication and experience are good at providing customers with effective and innovative brand solutions by means of simple, clear and conceptual design, and ultimately helping customers achieve their expected cultural aspirations and business goals.
Starting from the deep combination of the brand building system to establish the image with the online stores and the customer's lifestyle, we achieve the artistic, practical and life oriented brand building, so as to create the terminal experience of the brand's fashion lifestyle and precipitate the registration of the brand's personality culture base.
Business scope: product design/LOGO/packaging design/product designer Booklet/printing process/enterprise manual | poster design | leaflet | Taobao repair | color page design | furniture design | exhibition board design | short video shooting