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Jamie pet nest
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The initial inspiration for the design of the cat's nest comes from the capsule. The standard symmetrical geometric figures can be seen everywhere, such as the table top and western dinner plate. The sense of symmetrical lines is visually instructive and aesthetic. The CAD size data map is drawn. After the deep processing of the product is completed by using the CNC full-automatic engraving machine, the poplar eucalyptus solid wood multilayer board is selected, and then the 800 mesh fine sandpaper is used to polish the edges of the product to make the edges smooth, remove burrs, and feel the texture and touch delicate, The board surface is faced with 800 ° high temperature melamine. The facing material has the characteristics of flame retardancy and pollution resistance. It is easy to clean, resist dyeing and waterproof in the use process (this material is widely used in high-end application facilities such as airport high-speed rail). The structure is a carpentry foundation plug-in assembly structure. The buyer's assembly process can achieve the characteristics of a stable structure without complicated hardware links. The side opening width of the product is 3.5 cm, and the length is gradually shortened, It forms a progressive aesthetic sense of vision. The side opening can fully interact with pets. The front door uses 5mm tempered glass to achieve safe use. Children can also interact with each other through the glass door to stimulate children's love for small animals. The product has an appearance of 86cm * 60cm * 60cm. The internal ladder is connected by hemp rope. Small animals can also easily climb to the rest floor, The door bolt is designed with cat claw shape and interesting bionic design. The door panel is equipped with silent hydraulic hinges. The process of opening and closing the door panel is as low as decibels of "falling leaves". The lower part of the cabinet is equipped with a universal wheel, which can be easily placed everywhere in the room by users, making it easy for girls to move alone. The universal wheel is equipped with a brake function, and can be fixed anywhere. For small family buyers, this product is also very friendly. In addition to its original understanding function, the product can also be used as a small table beside the sofa. The product structure is a full disassembly and assembly structure, which is stacked and packaged, convenient for transportation, convenient for disassembly and storage, and covers an area of less than 0.1 square meters. The product has two colors, one is white wood grain tactile model, and the other is log wood grain tactile model. The product colors are versatile, and can be easily integrated into life everywhere.

Agency: Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd

Demi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (basic) is a professional brand design organization engaged in brand vision, commercial design, creative product R&D and design. It is a team composed of a group of young cutting-edge designers and fashion illustrators. We are keen to discover the true brand value from the details of life, focusing on the brand in different application environments The overall visual communication, communication and experience are good at providing customers with effective and innovative brand solutions by means of simple, clear and conceptual design, and ultimately helping customers achieve their expected cultural aspirations and business goals.
Starting from the deep combination of the brand building system to establish the image with the online stores and the customer's lifestyle, we achieve the artistic, practical and life oriented brand building, so as to create the terminal experience of the brand's fashion lifestyle and precipitate the registration of the brand's personality culture base
Business scope: product design/LOGO/packaging design/product designer Booklet/printing process/enterprise manual | poster design | leaflet | Taobao repair | color page design | furniture design | exhibition board design | short video shooting