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Invisible and Infinite


Project Name | Shenzhen Mind the Sea Phase II Healthy Habitat Experience Center
Project Location | Shenzhen, Guangdong
Design Scope | Building and Exterior Facade Renovation, Landscape and Interior Design
Space design | Rongor Design
Chief Designer | Ronger Kane
Design Team | Li Ming, Xu Shuangyuan, Li Zhiqiang, Chen Baojun, Ge Changchuan
Furnishing Design | Rongor Space Art
Design Team | He Jing, Liu Mengying
Main material | White painted board, white aluminum board, Versace gray stone, rock board, walnut finish
Photographer | Jing Xufeng



In the next two weeks, Picasso was painting a cow.
The cow seemed to have a weird phenomenon
That the more painted the less the cow shows.
"Less," the artist asked, "Can it be more?"
"Definitely." Picasso replied.
Critics waited to see more from the painter.
But the cow looks even less every day.
First, the hoof is gone, and the horn is gone.
Then the cowhide falls off like a retina.
Some of the connections between the blanks are exposed.
"Less, what is the point that less becomes more?" "That depends on what name you give to more." ......
—Ouyang Jianghe - "Picasso Painting Cow"



This is a regular place to experience the space, but it is not a regular space experience location.
As a renovation project, the original architectural layout is no longer suitable for new space use requirements. We need to re-plan the space function, streamline and rhythms in the definition of the original building structure framework to meet new requirements, and simultaneously we hope to pass the project information to the guests in a more reasonable way conforming to human psychological characteristics. We redesign the architectural facade to harmonize indoor and outdoor, and in line with the connotation of the project.
According to the features of the original structure, and through the detailed analysis of the visiting flow, we broke up and reconstructed the function system of the traditional display mode, and set up the entire space system with an immersive “art space” experience mode, while traditional display functions are cleverly embedded in the space.
From the entrance, walking in the outdoor hallway with mottled light and shadow that isolate the noise of the city, quiet and revealing the true inside as a different state of mind. When one arrives at the hall, there is a lively tree in the curved glass stood still in the water on the opposite side. One can take a peep at the inner courtyard that is faintly visible, and the shock brings some expectations.
The designer deliberately allows the front hall and the gallery to naturally penetrate each other through the small corridor. The skylight and professional track lights provide the gallery with a diffused light source and accent lighting, making people enter the artistic atmosphere unconsciously.
Through the exhibition area from the gallery, one enters the experience area of the public open kitchen. The experience area and the terrace multi-function hall can be freely combined according to the needs and the scale of the activity, and the outdoor landscape becomes the opposite scenery of the whole space, so the space is suddenly clear and bright. In addition, the skylights of different sizes allow the sun to naturally fill the interior, complementing the interior space and furniture to create a rich and vivid dynamic effect.
The physical gallery is located on both sides of the multi-function hall and is also the main traffic node of several key spaces where the designer selects the chair to display as the furniture closest to our daily life. Dozens of classic seats that have many years of vicissitudes are not only exhibits but also seats that can be replaced and experienced at any time, allowing the experiencers become part of the classic display unconsciously during the experiencing process.
The book bar and coffee bar serve as the final place for the indoor space. The two-story bookshelf brings a strong visual sense as a subject. The furniture laying out in a seemingly free form has made a different communication atmosphere naturally, which is a perfect ending for the whole interior space while the state of mind has also sublimated.
Through the book bar, one can reach the outdoor garden, and from the open corridor, once can experience the relationship between architecture and the environment, also the connection between the environment and the interior from another dimension. " You cannot know the shape of a mountain when you stand on it." The whole process is no longer a simple mechanical display, when the designer has extended the planning and promotion of the space function, allowing the experiencers to naturally feel the quality of the space and the project throughout the process and let the mind wander in it.
This project is designed in line with the requirements of WELL standard of Healthy Building. (WELL is a system that focuses on the health and well-being of people in the built environment. It is known as the OSCAR of the architecture industry and is the world's first indoor building standard for the health and comfort of people.) We pay attention to the relationship between the built environment and the human body system, control and create the overall space atmosphere by controlling the spatial scale, rhythm and proportional relationship of the building through the line of sight analysis of different angles and directions, the use of light, and the treatment of indoor and outdoor environmental relations. The façade treatment of the interior space is simplified to the maximum extent. In the end, the so-called forms and techniques are all abandoned. The white wall becomes the main body of space which not only reflects the purity of the site, but also brings more possibilities and contains "infinite" in the "invisible", and it becomes a multi-functional art space that integrates “humanities, health, art and technology”on the original basis.
The result has reached our expectations, where the gallery, multi-function hall and book bar became the most popular places. The regular exhibitions bring different artistic feelings to the guests. The public open kitchen experience area and the multi-function hall can be combined to turn into an ideal venue for small forums and gatherings. The book bar is a good place for meeting friends or enjoying some me-time. People are happy to stay, feel, and experience, rather than passively accept some rigid conceptual preaching. The direct feelings have become the focus of attention in the space.
Although buildings and cities are not living organisms in the natural world, many architectural and urban phenomena show the characteristics of living organisms and experience the evolution as metabolism. "Everything in the world comes from being and being comes from nothing." We make the best of "sense in the heart, simple in shape" as an invisible way to make the space not limited to the common functions and forms and intend to establish a new healthy lifestyle and bring people a fresh life experience and spirit.