INNOVATION Prize of Commercial Space

International Mountain Tourism Alliance headquarters


The International Mountain Tourism Alliance is the first international tourism organization in Western China and the first international tourism organization with headquarters outside Beijing in China. Combined with the resource characteristics of Mountain Tourism Alliance, the mountain tourism culture is perfectly integrated into the interior design space, and the relationship between interior design and architecture and nature, and the interaction between human and architectural space are fully considered, and the creativity of space essence is discussed interactively. The change of curve, stretch and soft appearance streamline, endow the interior with a sense of rhythm. Respect for nature is also a prospect for the new future. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development, we propose forward-looking design strategies from three aspects: ecological protection, green energy conservation and space comfort. In the interior space of contemporary art, fashion and nature, people can experience the charm of Guiyang's intelligent ecological environment tourism urban culture.

Main design: Li xiongming