INNOVATION Prize of Commercial Space

Joy City


Owner:COFCO Land Limited Shanghai Company
Interior Design Consultant:VVS Desig
n Floor Area:25800㎡
Interior Area:10252 ㎡
Date of Completion(required):2017 9
Cycle of Design(required):2016 7-2017 9



The project is the reconstruction of the underground space of Changfeng Joy City. Through repositioning, it is necessary to transform the original single underground supermarket space into a fashion center with multiple scenes and multiple experiences in line with modern business needs. The interior designer uses the shape of a wooden cabin as a shop frame, which is minimalist and transparent, making the whole area “light” as much as possible. The original design of "short circulation, three-dimensional" vertical moving circulation is used to replace the original one floor moving circulation. The new space is divided into three major sections: the atrium area, the gourmet area and the fashion district. The unique design allows consumers to move freely and explore as much as possible.

VVS Design

VVS is a cutting-edge design company in the field of commercial and residential real estate. We have a top design team in the industry. The company was founded in Hong Kong, and its domestic headquarters are located in Shanghai, China. At present, Shanghai headquarters office has nearly 120 members of various professional design. The company's services include planning consultation, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, urban planning and other major plates.


The company's design team members and expert consultants are made up of the core project of the international top design firms. Diversified cultural background and mature team composition are the biggest competitive advantages of the company. The company is familiar with the international design trend, familiar with the characteristics of the Chinese market, in the design process to provide customers with the highest quality design services.
Attaching importance to communication, paying attention to strategy, demanding details and pursuing perfection are the company's commitment to every customer. Adhering to the spirit of multiple values and creating excellent urban architecture is the highest principle of the team in the process of project practice. VVS adheres to the core design concept of multi value spirit to ensure that each partner project is a customized boutique. Since its establishment, VVS has accumulated many partners: COFCO real estate, Longhu real estate, Vanke Group, Jianye group, Zhongnan real estate, Xuhui group, Fudi group, overseas Chinese town, Xiangsheng group, green city group, Shenglong group, excellence group and Zhonghai Real estate, Zhengrong group, Shangang group, Huaxia Xingfu base, Lvdu real estate, Zhongrui real estate and Lujin real estate. Among them, the strategic partners include Zhongnan land, Vanke Group, Jianye group, Greenland Group, Qianxiang group, Changjian real estate, Jiatian industry, etc.
Domestic and foreign design awards won by VVS over the years:
Best Creative Award of Xiangsheng real estate in 2017
Excellent plan award of Longhu real estate in 2018
Vanke Real Estate best design and Creation Award in 2019
The fifth credaward real estate design award in 2018-2019 · China residential real estate project Silver Award and Excellence Award, real estate project interior design special excellent award, commercial office interior design special excellent award
Gold Award for soft ware display of IDPA award international pioneer design award in 2019
International pioneer design award of IDPA award 2019