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Interior Design Project for Hangzhou Anjiesi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Office Building
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Project Overview
Project Name: Hangzhou Anjiesi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Park Renovation Project.
Project Location: This project is located in Linping District.
Project Area: The total site area is approximately 25,000 square meters, with a building usable area of approximately 50,000 square meters.
Project Description: The Hangzhou Anjiesi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Park Renovation Project includes the scope of park planning, office space renovation, landscape enhancement, and brand image development.
Project Objectives: The central theme of this project is "Advancing Together with Future Technology Innovation." As a leading national medical innovation enterprise with a remarkable corporate history, the spirit of relentless progress and unwavering dedication to innovation forms the foundational concept of this design. The fusion of internal and external elements, coupled with a holistic approach, gives birth to a new design philosophy that aligns with the core values of creativity, perseverance, and sharing that define the company. The comprehensive park planning, from grandiose landscapes to meticulous interior detailing, showcases craftsmanship, all while incorporating the innovative thinking of the client.
Macro-level aesthetics coupled with meticulous attention to detail reveal a distinctive depth of meaning. The thoughtful combination of new materials creates a luxurious space, and the visual impact brought about by detailed design highlights the artistry of the space. The integration of movement and tranquility makes the space akin to a documentary unfolding frame by frame in one's mind, exuding a dynamic charm and enduring appeal.

Designer:Jiafeng Gao

I graduated in 2008 and have accumulated 15 years of design experience since then. In 2017, I founded Hangzhou Qinfeng Design Company, specializing in design projects for offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial spaces, architecture, and landscapes.
In 2020, I won the Second Prize in the "Zhejiang Wulin Cup" Interior Decoration Designer Vocational Skills Competition in Hangzhou.
In 2021, I received the Gold Award in the China Huading Awards Annual International Environmental Art Innovative Design Works Competition.
In 2021, I was honored with the China Huading Awards Annual Outstanding Young Interior Designer Award.
In 2022, I was awarded the Emerging Designer Prize at the Shanghai International Design Week.