Best of Home Residence

Inspiration, proposer of contemporary life


The fire in the flint will not come out without striking.
But the flame of our inspiration can be naturally stimulated, just like water rushing against the shore.

In the profound space-time corridors, human civilization has been scouring through time, and the flashing inspiration of brilliance solidifies wisdom about home.
We can't see inspiration, but we are always bathed in the light of inspiration.
The living room is like this case, it will be amazing at first glance. Upon a closer inspection, more inspiration and brilliant ideas are contained in it. The wine red, fluorescent blue, brown and yellow sofas are arranged symmetrically. There are more three-color lines to match with it on the carpet, connecting the beautiful life.
Let beauty be the footnotes of everyday life. Soaking in the temperature of time, it carries the original heart of a better life. The living room has a wonderful texture of black marble, which becomes the base of the whole space. It represents maturity, stability and awe-inspiring weight, which is in sharp contrast to wine red sofa and orange tea table.
In the design of the restaurant, more mirror elements were used including mirror paintings and mirror walls, which allowed the space scale to expand infinitely. The lines of the corridor are also continuous, reflecting the beauty of life in the mirror painting. The skin-friendly touch of wood, the simplicity and elegance of iron art, the smoothness and translucence of marble...Every object swayed its own temperament in the space, but it also has a harmonious aesthetic style.
Insert a soothing interlude into life, so that every time we go home, it seems like a long-lost reunion.
In the design of the bedroom, on the premise of pursuing warmth and comfort, more artistic aesthetics are added, which makes the whole space like a piano melody, rotating leisurely.
Let us understand life enthusiastically and enjoy life with heart. The western silk painting background in the master bedroom makes the whole space more energetic and full of vitality. It feels like being in a green garden, enjoying the tranquility and peace of your own. The white window screen fluttered in the wind. Beauty has been brewing, to meet the occurrence of happiness.
The combination of black and white is meaningful and classic. They are not only light and shadow, lightness and darkness, but also the beginning and end, and the final abstraction of color. It can be harmoniously unified even in the bathroom.
"I hope that you can get new inspiration for life here, and hope that this place can bring you new feelings about beauty. Of course, what we hope more is that you can feel our requirements for the quality of life and the sincerity of how to live a good life."

Designer: Xu Lingjiao

Biographical Personal Resume: 2009-2011 Ningbo Huateng architecture as a designer; 2012-2015 construction of Zhejiang Dafeng as director of the designer; 2015-2017 Ningbo Shijie decoration as director designer; From 2017 to now, Yuyao Branch of Beijing Jiahe Risheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is the design director; Individual honours Member of International Interior Design Association for Architectural Decoration; Member of Ningbo Interior Design Association; Registered Senior Interior Designer; Yuyao Lanjiang street maternal and child health model design; Company Design Mulan Award 2018; Participate in the August 2019 King's Art Japanese Exploration Tour; 2019Design Focus annual residential apartment space design excellence award; Company Design Benchmark Award 2019; Creative Life Design (Golden Butterfly) Award ,2019; Gold Creative International Space Design Award 2020 Home Space Innovation Design Award; Golden Creative International Space Design Awards 2020—— new designer; Designers of International Influence of the Year TOP100 the Italian Design Awards 2020;