INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Inclined Element


Project Name: Qingsu
Project address: Binhe, Jindi, Shenyang
Project type: three rooms, two halls, two bathrooms and one kitchen
Construction area: 122 square meters
Designer: Yang Ting
Design agency: Yang Ting



Warm, the temperature of love
"For home decoration, the value of design lies in seizing the real needs of owners, leaving space and possibility for deduction for the story of everyone's heart, and finding the outlet for emotional expression." ——Yang Ting
Home is the container of emotion, carrying the present beauty and expectation for the future, warm, with the temperature of love.
The good cooperation between designer Yang ting and the owner in the commercial project has opened the private house design and created the source of love nest for the family.
The owner has a family of four. The functional needs and emotional links of the home are centered on two treasures. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of the male owner for the quality of life, and the hostess gives comprehensive consideration to the details of humanization. Occasionally, the elderly also live in small houses to help take care of their children. How to realize the superposition and interposition of functions and the warming of emotions, the designer Yang Ting carries out the design with the theme of "warm and warm".
Many walls are broken through, and the open pattern releases more space, which provides more possibilities for the transformation of functions. The processing method of the large surface of the wall and floor is mainly black and white and gray. The appropriate minimalist style is more elegant and elegant. The soft powder and warm orange are embellished. The sense of quality and fashion are ready to come out.
At the entrance, the wall of the porch is opened, so that the vision of the door can be widened. The floor tiles with bright colors can enhance the background color of the whole space. This is the freshness and randomness that a warm home should have.
The living room is the core area of family activities. The half wall of the corridor increases the interest of space conversion from virtual to real. It not only finds a suitable location for the TV set, but also radiates the heat from the fireplace below to the surrounding area.
The combination of sofa and tatami is the biggest finishing touch. It carries adults' entertainment and children's play. It eliminates the traditional tea table, and children are safer to run. Occasionally, the elderly can enjoy comfortable sleeping space on tatami. When the elderly and children feel cared for and taken care of, the atmosphere of home is naturally filled with strong love.
The design of the kitchen has also changed the original structure of the wall, transforming the closed kitchen into an open kitchen, which has the visual effect of expanding the space and adding the fashion of the overall modern style. The hostess prepares dinner in the kitchen, takes care of the children playing in the living room, and realizes the steadiness and prosperity brought by the most ordinary daily life. The daily communication and the care among the family members complete the emotional transmission in the housework time.
Nubao is 5 years old and Nan Bao is 2 years old. They are all ages when they need to live with their parents. The main bedroom is set with low beds on both sides of the big bed, which is slightly shorter and has a height difference, so as to ensure a comfortable sleeping space for adults and children, which is both safe and interesting. Which child doesn't like to live with his parents in his childhood, so does the joy of being a parent.
The cloakroom adopts the design style of light color wood grain floor and dark wardrobe, which brings out the aesthetic vision of high-level sense inadvertently, which is convenient for the two bedrooms to use together.
The second bedroom is a pink daughter's room, which is playful and not rigid. In the design of the desk, it is not in accordance with the traditional desk leaning against the wall or bed, but facing the windowsill, enjoying the scenery outside the window, adding a sense of fashion, and witnessing the dream leap of little baby to little princess.
The main guard is in the master bedroom, and the secondary guard is close to the entrance. The elderly and children can use it at night without disturbing each other. The family and guests can use it more conveniently and keep privacy.
It has always been the hostess's dream to have an independent laundry room. She can carry a lot of washing and drying work. The clothes and dresses on the balcony are colorful, just like a sweet and warm home. Facing the wind and sunshine, they pursue beauty.

Yang Ting

Design director and founder of Yang Ting design agency
Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts
Polytechnic University of Milan
Distinguished lecturer of Shenyang Institute of technology, member of China Interior Decoration Association
China's City winning award in 2018
International Space Design Award 2018