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IMMI Collection of women’s wear brands


Since ancient times, China has the theory of “round sky and square earth”, this time the design has used the coordination ratio between the square and round.
collection of women's clothing, we are thinking about how to let the space be divided and see the full display of different brands. So we're going to combine the curves and the faces. During the customer shopping process, it can be displayed on the moving line to give a clear path for different brands.
In the center of the store, we firstly use the center display device to attract customer's visual interest. The area is divided into three blocks, guided by the central shopping area, through the semicircular arc surface to see the clothing category on both sides of the area; the color is divided with by metal and red. In this way, the customer will have a very clear choice. The space is divided into three longitudinal and one transverse visual relations through the curved surface. The interworking between upper and lower, the space and the design idea form a unity of “round sky and square earth”, which not only solves the independence of different brands but also allows the space to merge.
The facade also contrasts the windows on the second floor with the shopping space on the first floor, with red flowers on the second floor showing the visual effects of square windows. Let the customer see the image of the shop far away. The first floor is made of curved glass, which made customers refreshed and have curious to shop in. Add the unified use of indoor and outdoor colors, let the whole space from the internal and external unity and the technique is clean.

Designer: Larry

Member of China Public Interest Party, vice president of Wenzhou Enterprise Culture Promotion Association and National Director, Vice President of CIID Chinese Architectural Design Society Designer Association, Member of IFI International Indoor Designer/ Indoor Building Designer Association, Chinese CIDA Senior Indoor Designer, President of Hangzhou Prominence Space Architectural Design Institute, Head of MUSTANG Creative Design Center.
Mr. Miao Liyi has been working for more than twenty years and has presented a lot of excellent space works. The works extend to the big cities of the China, his projects cover the range to the garment exhibition hall, the product display space, the catering, the hotel, the ancient village reformation, the planning of the creative garden, the commercial synthesis and so on. He has been awarded at home and abroad for several times, such as the 21st Asia Pacific Indoor Design Award, 40 UNDER 40 China (Zhejiang) Design Outstanding Youth, and the 5th French Double God International Innovation Design Award and so on. He finished every design work in the angle of rigorous and innovative design attitude and integral design conception. He kept a continuous beginning in the design, integrated the architectural aesthetics view angle into the indoor space. He uses a narration of all beautiful things by means of a unique space language and made the design works diversified and cubic to reflect the new tension of the space.