INNOVATION Prize of Model Room

Hunchun Lingshang best sample room


From the aesthetic perspective of contemporary youth, this case explores the possibility of space by using a variety of materials and forms. The main color of the attractive emerald is like breaking through the sky, reflecting the mysterious and rare Aurora, and adding a touch of spring to the bustling urban life. Whether it is an open public area, or the owner's private space, the master bedroom and study, we pay attention to the links when switching places, and strive to make each space echo with each other. Whether it is the use of hard stone, metal, art glass, or soft decoration, the selection of furniture with simple modeling and fine fabrics or not is combined with texture to jointly reconcile the high-quality home experience. The open Island terrace and dining table in the restaurant are based on white stone and decorated with elegant green ornaments of grandmother. The harmony of light reveals the warmth of the family and presents the rich details of life. The asymmetric form of the furniture in the master bedroom, the comfort degree of the bed cloth art, and the taste of the residents expressed by the art works, together with the space, construct a comfortable and elegant and artistic private space. In the processing of the study to express the master's hobbies as the core, highlighting the personality of the residents, leading the fashion trend. In the design of children's room, bright light yellow and denim blue are selected as the main colors, and the space elements that fascinate children are added to create a small world that children want from the perspective of children.

Feng Sha