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ARTISTIC REALM,The project covers a total area of 41 mu, and the second phase of Hedong new area covers a total area of about 17 square kilometers. It is located at the core of phase II of Hedong new area, Suining City, Sichuan Province, on the East Bank of Fujiang River, surrounded by one mountain and two rivers (Lianmeng River, Guanyin lake and Dongshan mountain). Based on the full consideration of the original landform and natural water system, the plan puts forward the urban ecological development pattern of "water diversion into the city, island development, green network infiltration and water city integration". Based on the architectural form formed by the product itself according to the ripples of the river, the designer makes use of the curved and parallel flow of twists and turns and the flowing beauty to run through the building and interior. Under the aesthetic rendering of the oriental charm, the designer builds a spiritual place that combines the international vision with the local elite culture and social attributes, and has unlimited possibilities of fashion taste.

Designer: LI TAO

Executive director of China Youth Enterprise Association
Representatives of all China Federation of industry and Commerce
Member of Sichuan Youth Federation
Top ten young entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province
Outstanding private entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province