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Huai’an Financial Center


Area C and D of The east plot of the Central Business District of Huai'an Financial Center are the core plot of Huai'an. The total construction area is about 430,000 square meters and the ground area is about 300,000 square meters, of which the total area of decoration design is about 240,000 square meters, the financial center is also a high-end business district a grade office building, hotel-style apartment, special catering, entertainment and other comprehensive super high-rise office complex, all kinds of noble supporting gathering, a gathering place for people to live, it not only enlarges people's living space, but also improves the quality of living environment. It is also Huai'an's "tallest" symbol, and its unprecedented charm has made the city's financial central business district a symbol of the city. There is no building that is above nature. It belongs to it. What the designer pursues here is the architecture, the environment and person's fusion, the infiltration and the complement, one kind of infinite high-end quality boundary. Whether it is in the air lobby of every corner, you can feel the city in miniature. Or from our room window, even in the room, can enjoy the city to the extreme bright scenery. We hope that the interior design to create a luxurious, elegant, generous space atmosphere, highlighting modern, bright, casual style. While satisfying the reasonable layout and complete functions, the outstanding performance of the main style, style unity, point line surface coordination, color, shape harmony, highlight the innovative atmosphere of the Times. To create a certain era of forward-looking performance of the city's development of a comprehensive building.

Designer: Wang Hai

Master of Arts, Eina School of design, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
China Democratic National Construction Association
Sr Interior Architect/sr engr
President, Nanjing Design Institute, Shenzhen CNSC
Specially appointed professional tutor of CSPI
Vice-chairman of the Design Committee of CPAIC
Co-founder, Asia Pacific Design Alliance (Ada)
The most influential design agency in the country
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
External Faculty, Southeast University
Vice-president of Jiangsu Interior Design Society
Master judge of the Nanjing Interior Design Competition
"Medium Cup" National College Student Design Competition Professional judges
Professional Judge of China International Space Design Competition
2019 China top 100 outstanding dean of architectural decoration design
Chief designer of the main hall and some venues of the 2015 AU Games
40 under40 outstanding young designers in China (Jiangsu)(2017-2018)