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Space is not a container for filling objects
It is the dwelling place of human consciousness
Architecture is the poetics of inhabitation
The concept of "exploring the future" is scenario-based
The material and spiritual worlds were reshaped
Man-made buildings are cut off from nature
Transform the exploration of the living space of the universe
Curves of the ceiling overlay Unfocused, feminine and spatial interlaced
The arc and the bend echo the rhythm of the sand table
Add light and shadow tension Superimposed sculpture three-dimensional beauty
Hemispherical mirror image of a large device
Intense sensory and light and shadow stimulation is formed
Intrusive into the futuristic atmosphere
Achieve a seamless connection between consciousness and the outside world
Shaping the hyper-experiential context medium
The center of the starry sky screen The contrast between light and shade of light and shadow
Mobilizing future consciousness emotions
Return to the ontological beauty of natural art Design elements collide
Emotions intersperse in the future
Unlock Arena Powers
Concatenate language boundaries

Designer: Zhang Ying

Shenzhen HeShe Interior Design Co. , Ltd. was established in 2015, the registered capital of 500 million yuan. Our company focus on high-end, for you to provide high-quality interior design services. Business interests include real estate/hotel/club/office/residential/education/Business Space/private customised accommodation, etc. . We uphold the spirit of professionalism, cutting-edge design, quality service. Since its inception, that is to win the praise of customers from all walks of life, but also widely recognized in the design industry, adhering to the“Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, create a conscience project” purpose, adhere to the learning, scientific development path, adhere to the people-oriented, quality-oriented principle, through institutional innovation, to attract the wise, to the potential to gather a large number of industry elites.
Co-housing begins with design and excels at service. We take the interior design as the core, and provides you with the pre-project planning consultant, the overall planning consultant and other professional excellent comprehensive solutions. Our team gathered from different regions, experienced elite designers, to provide you with value-added professional services, to create a top brand design.
The company focuses on first-class service, do first-class quality engineering, and the community to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Our enterprise today, can not do without the industry to provide opportunities and support, but also the recognition of our strength, but also for our future development put forward higher requirements. The company team has full confidence and determination, through unremitting efforts, and constantly beyond, to assume the social responsibilities entrusted to us, for the community dedicated service.