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Hockney’s Good Time
Designer / Agency
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The landscape design of this project is the "fun" series products of the Year of Pattern. As the first work of the Year of Pattern in Chongqing, we strive to build for the real "life players". This project belongs to the energetic chongqing players who have both career and life.
The people and works of David Hockney, the godfather of contemporary art, can well express the value output to life players. In order to pay tribute to the master, we made great efforts to create this project -- Hockney's Good Time.
Project through further study of the contemporary artist David hockney, through the analysis of all of David hockney works, to apply the theme of the four seasons of "light" in landscape design of the project, through our for David hockney pop art, camera, and use the means of painting the scene, has created many famous works of reduction, The whole exhibition area is full of artistic atmosphere, so that the owners can feel the immersive feeling brought by the paintings and enjoy the art journey created by The Group.


Weimar Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd. ("Weimar Group"), founded in 2007, is headquartered in Shanghai, and has now set up offices in more than seven cities including Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Changzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Suzhou. There are branches and nearly 300 employees. Focusing on providing professional landscape planning and design services, in line with the design vision of Love's inside - design conveying care, starting from the four dimensions of land, heritage, technology, and human, it is committed to the natural environment and the built environment. Provide planning, design and management solutions, and become one of the leading teams in the landscape planning and design industry.
In addition to its continuous development in the design field, Weimar Design is also exploring ways of collaboration within and between platforms, aiming to fully implement the concept of integration. The Weimar software team independently developed the VR greening design software "EZLand" in the landscape design industry. It adopts advanced VR technology and Internet technology in greening design and its landing management and control, breaking the barriers between drawings and scenes and realizing the experience in virtual reality. Innovative practices in green space.