Best of Dinning Space



The original design of the restaurant is to express a yearning for Meili Snow Mountain. As a hot pot restaurant, the ingredients are wild mushrooms from Yunnan. From this we came up with the idea that there is a hot pot restaurant with wild mushrooms in the snow-capped mountains. It must be a wonderful thing to have a warm hot pot in the cold snow mountain.
The entrance of the restaurant adopts the mountain-shaped reverse method, and the blank area is the actual 1:1 reflection of the mountain,which may add to the immersion and realism of entering the mountain . The natural rubble, the effect of water mist, and the landscape are all restoring the feeling of nature, giving people an immersive atmosphere.
The original space of the restaurant has a height of 6000mm. Due to the requirement of fire-fighting equipment in the mall, the height is not enough, and it may lead to a waste of space in the first floor. Therefore, a loft design was made for the space. From the scattered seats in the middle, we can see the landscape below, which leaves a feeling of nature. And above the elevated area, you can see the sky above the middle scattered seating area, which gives a sense of space extension.
The overhead dining area adopts the technique of overlapping scenery, with a beige gauze curtain on the outside to increase affinity, blue gauze embroidered with blue sky and white clouds in the middle, and blue gauze on the last layer, symbolizing the mountains. The three layers of veil are superimposed, hazy, like a foggy mountain in the morning, and set off the outdoor scenery of blue sky and white clouds. Fresh air from the air conditioner blows on the gauze like a breeze. Then the high-definition projection projects some flying birds on the dancing wall. On one side, there is a big tree piercing to the top from the first floor, giving people the feeling of dining in the shade. The creating of this atmosphere breaks the limitations of three dimensions, making the whole space more vivid and stereoscopic.
There is another strength in the space, the use of "battle hat". It is a variant of the shading hats, decorated with large and exaggerated orange hats, scattering randomly above the dining area, which has a strong visual impact. The high and low “battle hats” are arranged like clouds. They are level with the optical line when viewed from the second-floor, like clouds that can be touched by hands, making the illusion of being on top of a high mountain.

Designer: Kingdom Kuo

Kingdom Kuo,Famous Taiwanese interior designer, Bachelor of Interior Design, Central Plains University of Taiwan, Formal Member of Taipei Interior Design Trade Union, Vice-Chairman of Environmental Art Design Professional Committee of China National Architecture Research Association. He has been engaged in interior design for more than 20 years and accumulated rich experience in design. Since 2002, he has been working in Beijing for a long time. He is good at designing hotels, high-end clubs, villas, model rooms, restaurants, office space and so on. At present, he is the design director of Beijing Dongyue Space Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and the director of Guo Yannian's studio of Beijing Overseas Chinese Credit Decoration Engineering Design Institute.

2016 Top Ten Personality Awards for Chinese National Architectural Design
Huading Prize of China International Design Art Expo 2017
China Design Expo 2017 National Top 50 Senior Designer Award
China Design Person Award of the Year 2017
In 2018, the 5th French "INNODesign PRIZE" International Innovative Design Award won the Interior Design Award.
China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Huading Award "Catering Space Program" Gold Award in 2018
China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Huading Award "Office Space" Gold Award in 2018
The Golden Eagle Design Competition of Chinese Architectural Decoration "Catering Space" Gold Award
Chinese Design Person of the Year 2018 "Young Design Leader of the Year"
2019 Aiding International Design Award "Office Space Class" Excellent Award
Two Excellent Awards of "Office Space" and "Catering Space" in the 2009 Aite International Design Award
Italian A'Design Award International Design Award Silver Award for Interior Design and Exhibition Design
Top Prize and Honorary Prize of DNA Design Competition in Paris, France, 2019