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Heyuan Longguang city marketing center


Project Name: Longguang·Heyuan Longguangcheng Marketing Center
Project Location: Heyuan, Guangdong
Project area: 1400㎡
Completion time: 2019.7
Main materials: stone, leather, wood finish, art glass, stainless steel, crystal brick
Owner: Longguang Real Estate
Architectural Design: Guangdong Modern Architectural Design & Consultancy Co., Ltd.
Garden Design: Shenzhen Bendu Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Interior design: Shenzhen Chuangyu Design Co., Ltd.
Host design: Yin Yanming
Design team: Wan Pan / Wu Yufa / Zhuang Zhanquan / Li Qiulong
Photographer: Zhang Qilin



In this project, we use the modern city charm and temperament as the keynote, and integrate the introverted and elegant Heyuan(河源) traditional culture into the modern design language, follow the layout of the Hakka traditional dwellings, and use the Chinese-style Chinese The experience of the courtyard life presents a living philosophy of seclusion.
In this case, the design elements of the surrounding dragon house(围龙屋) are taken as a whole, and all the functional areas are connected in series in an octagonal layout, continuing the traditional Chinese “central axis symmetry” principle, and the entrances and exits of the east, west, and north are corresponding to each other. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass on both sides for interactive interior and exterior features. In order to echo the shape of the building, the ceiling and the ground are as integrated as possible. The octagonal elements are used to reflect the surrounding feeling of the dragon house, and the design elements of mountains, water, clouds and lotuses are carefully injected into the space. Its unique "shape", "God" and "beauty" condense the imagination of oriental aesthetics, and immersive in the experience of the vast oriental culture and charm.
The lobby atrium is 9 meters high, paying attention to the sense of sequence and ritual of the space. It is the main theme of the auspicious glory of the Fulu(福禄). The octagonal elements are subtly integrated into the ceiling, the ground and the wall. The smallpox borrows the traditional Chinese architecture to evolve the shape of the beam structure and the algae well pattern. The carved and traditional Chinese pattern pattern is applied to it, which corresponds to the column structure of the four arches and the octagonal ground.
The designer used the borrowing scene and the swaying method to open up the six-meter-closed copper door to the landscape of the courtyard and the picturesque beauty.
The reception area is backed by huge lacquered wood carvings, which combines the elements of mountains and clouds into one. Symmetrical warm lights on both sides give a quiet and warm temperament. The reception desk is complemented by crystal glass bricks, which are combined with bronzed stainless steel. The modern and traditional atmosphere blends here.
The sand table is located on the east side of the lobby. In order to create a sense of space and space, the ceiling and the ground are all designed with a symmetrical octagonal design, reflecting the classic elements of the Hakka traditional house. The ceiling uses a large area of white design(留白), decorated with texture paint to increase the spatial layering, crystal lotus leaf chandeliers are outlined in it, giving the space a simple and pure spirituality, concise the contemporary oriental temperament.
The negotiation area is characterized by a spacious pattern. The transparent floor-to-ceiling glass is used as a medium for indoor and outdoor. The three negotiation areas are separated by a symmetrical hollow decorative cabinet but connected. A round of decorative paintings hangs and hangs. It can be seen that the clouds and mountains are undulating, showing a delicate texture that fits the beauty of the space.
The corridor space constructs the transition and visual intersection of the various functional areas, and connects the aesthetic order of indoor and outdoor. In addition, the use of ink painting lotus flower and bamboo curtain accessories constantly seeks natural taste and modern style.
The color inside the partial hall is relegated to nature, and only the wood and stone are used to create the tone. The lines on the four walls convey the order of the space. The metallic green and silver droplets are clustered together, crystal clear under the refraction of light, and become the dynamic of the entire partial hall. Two chairs, a wooden long bench, a few square lights, sit still here, go to the space, find the modern oriental charm in the quiet world.

Yin Yanming

Senior interior architect Shenzhen Chuangyu Design Co., Ltd. & Chairman & Design Director Hey You Home Brand & Founder SIID Shenzhen Interior Architectural Design Industry Association & Vice President IAD International Designers Association & Member Shenzhen Furnishing Art Association & Executive Director Guangdong Designers Union & Vice President Guangdong Decoration Industry Association & Expert

Mr. Yin Yanming, founder and design director of Chuangyu Design, is one of the representatives of Chinese interior design that emphasizes creativity, order and diversity. Combining these qualities with more than 20 years of design experience, he has created an aesthetic space that integrates sensibility, culture and artistry in the fields of commercial real estate, office space, boutique hotels, and architectural facades. With outstanding design work, Mr. Yin Yanming and his team have won more than 100 domestic and international design awards including the Italian A’ Design Award, the British SBID International Design Award, the German Design Award, and the APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Award.
In addition, Mr. Yin Yanming is also committed to product design, art design, public welfare and other fields, practicing the design strategy of multiple eras. His original furniture and installation art works have been invited to participate in the furniture design week and art exhibition in the industry. After accumulating rich experience in product design and exhibition, Mr. Yin Yanming founded his own home art brand – Hey You. Through exquisite original product design, people can re-examine the combination of tradition and contemporary art, convey the communication between human and human soul, and express a tribute to the aesthetics of oriental life. At the same time, he designed and donated the third space Zhuoyu Building of Yunxi Hewai Primary School in Yunnan, and proposed the design concept of designing rural education with design, which opened up new ideas for the industry in the field of public welfare design.
Design honor
Winning the Gold Award in the World Bauhaus Design Competition in 2019
Awarded the Italian A’ Design Award Bronze Award in 2019
Awarded China's China Design Brand List in 2019 · Annual Design Leadership Brand Character
Awarded the Silver Award and Bronze Award in Italy for A’ Design Award in 2018
Winner of the German Design Award Winner & Special in 2018
2017 won the British SBID International Design Awards Finalist
2017 Awarded the US ID Magazine Best of Year Awards Honoree
2017 was awarded the 12th Golden Medal Award for Best Villa Space of the Year
2017 Won the annual character of the WAD World Youth Designers Conference
Charity honor
In 2018, the company won the China·Jinglin Award Public Welfare Award for the People's Livelihood
In 2017, the company won the Tencent Home Golden Award for “Design of the Year”
2017 Honored IEED International Eco-Environment Design Alliance “China Design Public Welfare Person”
2016 SIX ARTS AWARD Taiwan Six Arts Award Design Love Charity Award