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Henggang Yahao Garden Hotel
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Yahao Garden Hotel is a mid-end brand store under Yahao Group. It is located at Xingwang Road, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. The building has 6 floors and a building area of about 5300M². The hotel is near Henggang Metro Station of Line 3, surrounded by large shopping malls such as Henggang Building, Rongde International, Sands Mall, Tianhong and so on. The hotel is about a 15-minute drive from the Universiade Sports Center, and a 30-minute drive from Dameisha and OCT East. It can meet the diversified needs of business travel, parent-child vacation, and couple travel. It is the be best choice for business negotiation, tourism, leisure and entertainment, and staying.

The concept design of Yahao Garden Hotel adheres to the spirit of nature and environmental protection, and uses natural materials and green plants as decorations to convey the concept of "garden". And use modern architectural style, plenty of natural light, and many functional designs to create a more high-end experience. Fully reflect the artistic style and cultural characteristics. At the same time, a comprehensive treatment of the shape, the color of the space, and the light is taken. The design uses complete functions and fully embodies the values, which is the concept and design intent of our design. "Modern, natural and elegant" is the key word of our design. Shaping a hotel with a modern style image is the overall requirement for this decoration design. We have made the space exquisite and delicate in processing. From the perspective of the use of materials and color creation, more natural materials are used, mainly stone and wood, highlighting the texture and color of the materials. Using warm colors as the basis, weakening the color contrast of materials, creating a high-key space atmosphere and creating an elegant feeling.

The first floor is the center of the hotel's operations. We use materials such as stone, wood veneer, glass and metal for design. We use glass bricks and metal design screens for the background of the front desk, and use wood veneer substrate on the back to reduce the coldness of metal and glass. The use of wood veneer and green plants in front of the lounge area emphasizes the characteristics of the garden hotel, making the space natural and comfortable. The second to fifth floors are the standard guest rooms, which are mainly standard rooms, with business double rooms, mahjong rooms, and luxury bathtub suites added at the same time. There is a glass partition wall between the bathroom and the bedroom, which is beautiful and transparent. A large number of natural materials are used to minimize the use of composite man-made materials, and water-based paint is used to avoid the emission of harmful gases. The walls are decorated with cloth and wood, giving the space a warm and comfortable feeling. The wood is mainly dyed with oak. It has rich oiliness, clear lines, stable color and stable decoration style. It is an indispensable high-grade material for decorating furniture. It is the most used wood in this case.

The lighting series, movable furniture series, and sanitary ware series of this design scheme all highlight the quality of modern natural intelligence, and the use functions are full of vitality and movement. The green wall and green plant decoration highlight the hotel’s personality and strengthen the hotel’s style.

Designer: Frank (Shengwu Zhu)

A national first-level architect, an international registered senior designer, an international registered senior project manager; an expert of the International Institute of Architectural Fengshui. Bachelor of Construction Engineering Management, China University of Geosciences. Tsinghua University Architecture Fengshui Advanced Seminar Tsinghua University Hotel Design Advanced Seminar. Master's degree from Autonomous University of Barcelona, Ph.D. from the Technological University of Catalonia (currently studying). The project he presided over won the highest honor of global hotel design "Gold Key Awards", Italy A'DESIGN AWARD&COMPETITION, International Space Design Award-Art Award, China Decoration Association "Hua Ding Award", Chinese and foreign hotels "Platinum Award" , WAD World Young Designers Conference Outstanding Designer of the Year. Engaged in interior design for 18 years and participated in the design of many international brands of five-star hotels. Familiar with various electromechanical majors in the hotel, and have rich experience in hotel site design and deepening. The hotels recently participated in the design of domestic hotels include Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Interstate Hotel, Jiangxi Ganzhou Jinjiang International Hotel, Venice Hotel, Changzhou Hilton Hotel, Xiangshan Hilton Hotel, Macau Galaxy Hotel and more than 30 international top brand hotels.