INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Heaven Rui


In this case, in the limited framework, we will break the consistent residential thinking, build customized aesthetics and lifestyle, and let "between you and me" meet all the perceptual functional experience and visual impact. All kinds of materials connect naturally and smoothly, and ingeniously deduce the rhythm attribute of each functional space. Each design highlight communicates with the owner's character to interpret the owner's requirements for quality life.
The owners of the house are Cantonese, who often travel around the world and pay great attention to the foresight of design. The designer follows the owner's living habits and needs, resulting in the concept at the beginning of the design, creating a design that fits the owner's own characteristics. The spatial nodes that are naturally divided by using the walking characteristics, like the diversion formed by rivers and lakes, create a spatial moving line with mobility and functionality, and add a lot of privacy design.



Vestibule Stepping into the porch, there is no complicated decoration and color. It is pure, generous and calm, which makes people forget the annoyance and tiredness of the day as soon as they enter the house.
Around the porch, each space is related to each other without losing the sense of concealment. The entrances of several main spaces are counted as invisible doors. Natural wood ornaments with rich texture are used to create multiple inadvertent "Entrances", which make people surprise constantly and never finish. When you enter the back of each door, you will find something else.
Living room The living room is in black and white gray. As the highlight of the whole living room - sofa background wall, the designer presents it with special materials, restores and emphasizes the charm of intertwined materials in the space, introduces simple and natural stone materials, and reflects it with good natural light, balancing the furniture modeling in the whole space, as well as the rational lifestyle, and satisfying the perceptual, bold and innovative life. Experience. The stone material has formed the unique mature and introverted temperament.
Only by the outline and line outline of the clock for the living room to add a little clean and neat charm, and natural stone background wall to rely on each other, showing a unique decorative effect. The whole living room is spacious and transparent, with simple and delicate decoration, which always shows the owner's style and taste.
Restaurant The designer uses the open space design method to connect the dining area and living room, expand the visual experience, and design a smooth moving line to meet the personalized life needs.
Black and white gray system and wood decoration run through the space, the lamps are shaped by geometric lines, and the golden appearance increases the aesthetic degree.
Grey cotton and linen bedding, simple but full of quality. Under the background of gray space and warm light, the decorative painting on the head of the bed is particularly unique. The dark wood floor is low-key and elegant.
The whole space is simple and atmosphere, simple and not complicated, creating a quiet and elegant sleep space.
Supine position
In order to neutralize the cold feeling brought by the advanced grey, the second bedroom continues to use the black and white grey system, using the cartoon dolls of various materials and shapes as decorative ornaments, making the space quite interesting.
The bathroom space is strong and elegant, which shows the style in the fashionable texture.
The whole space of this case uses multiple materials to push out the spatial level, highlighting the pure and static nature.
The designer advocates the combination of functionality and life aesthetics, outlines the rich vitality of the interior, maintains the continuity of the space with the continuity of lines and surfaces, and the intelligent home system conveys the sense of safety and comfort, so that the residents can experience the stability and introversion of the space

Lu Wei

He has been engaged in Museum, Home Furnishing Exhibition Hall, office and catering space for eight years. Now he focuses on old house reconstruction, villa and villa design.
[work experience]
Tooling and brand design, home decoration (hard and soft) and garden landscape planning design concept]
Life needs ceremony, space needs aesthetic feeling, but design is not the simple presentation of aesthetic concept, nor the random listing of cold data. Good design needs to be different from person to person, from thing to thing, from time to time.
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Modern style

Top 10 designers of housing design major in 2019 China design outstanding youth city list (Guangzhou region)
Top 100 global influential Chinese designers of 2019 International Innovation Award
Special honorary certificate of Los Angeles City Hall in 2019 Sino US International Exchange Exhibition
Honorary certificate of ambassador for international design and cultural exchange between China and the United States
[representative case]
Xiangzhang street, Jinshan Valley
Yuehai Lijiang Garden
Favorview Palace
Regal Court
Tianjian Shangcheng
Coral peak
Austral Austrian Garden
Yajule, Cambridge
Ascent Garden
Everbright Garden
Yuexiu, Xinghui brocade
Qiao Hong Garden
Southern China new town
Global Villa