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No. 4955 Yindu Road was originally a heat station in Minhang District, Shanghai. It brought light and warmth to the city in the 1990s. It has the characteristics of industrial buildings in the 1990s: towering chimneys, huge steel frame structures, empty concrete, space, long tunnels, etc. Today, the old factories that have retired after industrial transformation carry unique memories of the times, and their transformation has become a key link in the revival of urban culture in the new era.
The transformation of this project aims to take the transformation of space cultural capital as an opportunity to combine the industrialized symbols of the last century with the characteristics of the current digital age. On the one hand, the warmth is preserved, the space is carefully intervened, and the historical heritage of the park is continued; on the other hand, modern design techniques are injected into the space to create a diversified and digital modern place that integrates art production, commercial activities, and aesthetic education.
Minhang District Thermal Power Plant has transformed from a single workshop space to a diverse cultural compound space. This transformation is quite difficult. Because the original production function of the factory building has created its single shape and non-daily scale, but it will become a part of urban life in the future, which is quite different from the original spatial scale and daily life scale. Therefore, we hope to fully preserve its characteristics and integrate them into normal life and work situations through the method of "repairing the old as the old and partially updating".
As the most important building in the factory area, the size of the boiler room (2# factory building) is astonishing. Although it is only four stories high, we are still shocked by the huge trapezoidal coal scuttle and the large indoor atrium. The other coal shed (3# factory building) has only one floor, but it is more than ten meters high, and you can feel your insignificance when you are in it. There is also a tall chimney and a trestle in the center of the factory area. This chimney has been standing here and has become an important symbol of the factory area and even the whole of Xinzhuang village. Although the surrounding area is overgrown with weeds and ruined walls, it also has a special flavor.
Adhering to the design concept of "renovating the old as the old and partially renewing", the facade design principle of the entire coal shed (3# factory building) is to retain the original wall and use modern glass curtains for the newly added part. When designing the south facade of the boiler room (2# plant), we designed a relatively modern facade on the first floor and installed eye-catching do or covers and glass doors with a certain industrial feel to highlight the entire entrance. Its facade has many doors and windows of different shapes, such as square, circular, triangular, etc. As a trace of the times, we hope to keep them.
The main landscape space of the factory area is located between the boiler room (2# factory building) and the coal shed (3# factory building). We sorted out the land, kept the chimney and some bricks and stones, and left a spacious display place for artists. We try our best to renovate the entire landscape design based on not destroying its original industrial atmosphere to achieve new artistic effects.
We are the planners and users of the space, and define how it is used. At the same time, we are also poets of the space, and we need to sing the unique stories and vicissitudes of this space. At any time, we all hope that someone can stop and watch the scene we created. Maybe a beam of light hits the mottled wall, and the shadows outlined can arouse infinite excitement and echo in your heart.

Agency: Shanghai Deqiu Environmental Art Co., Ltd.

Our company has always advocated the design service of environmental space integration. The building, its indoor space, and the outdoor environment are regarded as interpenetrating and interdependent whole to provide customers with more systematic, complete, and comprehensive vertical services. And to achieve a professional special design. Therefore, in 2006, a special environmental design team was formed to create the "Deqiu Environmental " design brand, and a registered special design subsidiary - Shanghai Deqiu Environmental Art Co., Ltd. was established.
The company has gathered excellent domestic design forces and has more than 50 professional landscape designers, landscape engineers, and interior designers, including undergraduates, graduates, masters, and doctors. Provide services with international professional standards and Shanghai norms nationwide.
At present, the main business scope of Deqiu Environmental includes: Residential landscape and planning design, commercial complex (including shopping complex, office, and technology creative park) landscape and planning design, hotel and resort landscape design, urban space design, public green space design; office (including commercial office, group office) Interior design, the interior design of residences (including apartments and villa model houses), and interior design of commercial spaces, hotels, clubs, leisure and entertainment spaces, etc.; and provide furniture planning, artwork planning, and professional lighting design services. The company's main customer groups include Minsheng Bank, Dongdu International, Tianan Real Estate, Dingfeng Real Estate, Greenland Group, Zhuanyuan Real Estate, Xinmin Real Estate, Dongyuan Real Estate, China Communications Third Aviation Bureau, Bright Group, Penghui Real Estate, Overseas Chinese Town, Construction Engineering Real estate and other real estate development agencies, enterprises and institutions, and local governments.
In the development process of Deqiu environmental design, whether it is the scale of the company or the operation of the enterprise, Deqiu has achieved very good results. Through continuous improvement, we have gradually formed a unique business philosophy, a perfect customer service system, strict quality evaluation standards, and a good teamwork model. From planning, scheme, preliminary expansion, and construction drawing to construction site coordination and cooperation, it serves the owner professionally, holistically, and to the maximum extent. With high-quality, efficient, professional design and good customer service, it has been unanimously praised by many experts and customers.