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The "Tao Te Ching" says: All things stand, facing yang and against yin. The interaction between yin and yang creates a state of harmony. The avenue is integrated with yin and yang. "Hehe" is a kind of cultural gene, the wisdom nurtured by the sages of the Chinese nation in practice, and a unique perspective for understanding the world.
The design of the “Harmony”Table revolves around the living room in the modern urban living environment, deconstructing inertia and reconstructing demand. The rise of mobile devices and various applications has disrupted the original habits of life, and the low furniture such as sofas and coffee tables that were originally set out around TVs is difficult to match today's life.
The “Harmony”Table creatively integrates the functions of the desk, tea table, dining table, and other functions. And the height of the table is set to 690mm, fully considering the comfort of the arm support when modern people use laptops and the angle of raising arms when making tea. Equipped with power supply and water function, connect to work when busy, boil water and make tea in spare time. Family members can work together, study, enjoy tea, eat, etc., bringing family members together at the table with more time.
The shape of the “Harmony”Table is supported by two adducted cylinders, which facilitates legroom. The integration of storage and display functions into the concept of "yin and yang Hehe" refers to the platform where husband and wife work together to support the home.
The display lattice and pillar legs are reinforced with begonia ornaments, and the tabletop is made of begonia line angle technology to leave the shrinkage gap of the panel to the side to ensure the neatness of the desktop panel. "Begonia" has been a metaphor for "Dignified and imposing, Treasures fill the home." since ancient times, which enriches the connotation and reflects the quality.
Considering the safety and volume of modern logistics, the “Harmony”Table is designed as a detachable group, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and reduces the probability of damage during transportation.

Agency: Ming De Jia Ye (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd

Ming De Jia Ye brand, affiliated to Ming De Jia Ye (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd., with the mission of "inheriting classics, Mingde to things", tells history with the story of artifacts, and returns to inherit the origin of Chinese culture. With the goal of improving humanistic qualities, morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence, and faith as the foundation of self-cultivation, the spirit of enterprise enlightenment and the attitude of a calm and elegant big country enterprise are formed. With tea table culture as the core, we are committed to building a platform for Chinese culture dissemination and bringing tea table culture to thousands of households. Promote the classic Chinese culture and lead the construction of family culture, building the living room into a family growth center to realize the vision of home and business prosperity.