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Hangzhou Liangzhu Star Creation and Sale Building
Designer: Pedro Pan

General Manager of Suzhou Ivan Interior Design Limited (I.I.D.L)
Internationally registered senior interior designer and engineer, with master’s degree of University Of Liege, Belgium, pursued further study on environmental art design of Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University.
With nearly 20 years of work experience in terms of high-end luxury houses, advanced prototype room and design for five-star hotels of international brands, during the period that Pedro Pan held the post of senior design consultant in the international hotel management company, he ever provided services for technical support to construction of more than 30 international hotels. From designer of international five-star hotel to private customization personnel of urban first-class luxury houses and villas as well as technical adviser to brand building of international five-star hotel. From Party B to Party A, then to the hotel consultant, he finally returned to his design. According to Pedro Pan’s design concept, "avant-garde and art" can be acted as the action guide to space design. In order to merely combine design and operation in a perfect manner, guided by international design vision and higher design standards, design connotation would be elaborated. Design concept: design is born for faith!