Best of Commercial Space

Han Burger


On this set of design, contains too much emotion color, fully demonstrated the interior design in the field of color to bring people infinite reverie and longing. The peacock blue tone adds the auxiliary color of the Emerald, blends a kind of characteristic nostalgic color. In the large area of the wall for the nostalgic color-based case, coupled with the early years of vermilion wood flooring, complemented by gold structure frame, showing a strong LOMO style. The use of steel structure is also the use of "HIGH-TECH" design techniques to complete. The exposed steel bar is arranged in a matrix form to form the "line" element. The expression of "surface" is accomplished by toughening white glass, presenting a state of nothingness. The staircase is located near the center of the House, and the face of the staircase is likewise made of tempered white glass. Handrails are made of birdcage-like, from the bottom directly to the roof, invisible to the height of the visual extension, but also focus on the bird cage in the shape, so that people forget the existence of the stairs. Real and virtual, a move a style, all in this less than 20 square mini-space. Just as life is the same, true or false, there is singing and harmony, but also included in this short 30,000 days.

Designer: Tim

In 2010, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts; under Professor Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts; in 2012, founded Wuhan Tianshi Workshop Art Design Co. , Ltd. ; founder of Tian Design Office, mainly engaged in interior design, interior and Exterior Wall Painting, arts and crafts display and other art-related work, committed to creating the Han art of the new cutting-edge school. Representative works are: Greenland Sislai Mansion, Wanda Gym, Greenland Central Plaza, Baihuijing Bar, m + Shopping Plaza, China Construction Bank —— Huazhong Information Resources Building, administration and Commercial Building of Guangfa Bank building (Wuhan) , flagship store of Xuanwei Wuhan, image store of Hehe Datang in central China, Office of Chairman of Golden Monkey Group and National Image store, overall planning and transformation of fashion industrial park of Catman Group, Guangzhou Fitness Club, etc