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HAISHANG BAY(Contains villas and houses)
Description of villa space Design:
This is a model villa for external display. It has 5 floors in total, 3 floors above ground and 2 floors underground (including mezzanine). We gave a living character, a science fiction writer, young, enthusiastic, energetic, curious about new things. With all kinds of curiosity and experiment we finished the design of this model villa.
Haishang Bay villa project area is not too big even couplet row villa is a little small, the sale of less than 120 square meters. The design task requires that in addition to the basic configuration such as guest dining room, there should be 3 bedrooms on the ground, and all of them are suites. After thinking about it, we tried to open up and try our best to open up the space. From the basement to the guest dining room on the first floor, we created a completely open space for the young host to work, live and play. There are no enclosed rooms except for a small private Powder room. At one end of the basement there was an egg, like a cocoon, for him to write on. Every time the writer's writing is like a silkworm metamorphosis into a butterfly as beautiful bar.
Description of the space design of the house:
In 1947, the first high order collection of BAR JACKET CHRISTIAN DIOR made an amazing debut and achieved great success. DIOR BAR JACKET, which was cut with special emphasis on waist lines, fully showed the "NEW LOOK" of women in the NEW era and put temperament above modern elegance. We had a full discussion with the owner when we selected the interior style, which was also like a fine cut into the space. The color of Dior brand is the inspiration and theme for the creation of interior soft clothes, and the romantic French, the birthplace of Dior brand, is also the main interior design technique.
The project, with a large basement, was a sales highlight. However, due to the structural limitations, there are many load-bearing walls and pillars, a large square space, but many can not be removed by the wall and pillars are fragmented. It was too much like a fine piece of cloth, but it was torn. We imagine ourselves to be a good tailor, threading the stairs into the structure and using the bad places for vertical transportation up and down. The large space is reserved for communication purposes, so as to shorten the distance between people. The high space is covered with special wall decoration, like a perfect continuous back curve on the back of the garment. It was like making clothes, where the waist should be pulled in and the waist should be let out, given their proper tailoring.

AC Studio

AC Studio was founded by Ms. Chang Ying in June 2016 in Shanghai. It is a young and dynamic company. The company mainly serves: Sunshine City, Jinyu, C&D, Rongxin, Lu Jin, Land and other domestic major real estate companies, corporate offices and high-end private customers.
2019 French International Design Award of GPDP AWARD
Real estate space international innovation design award;
2020 Golden Creative International Space Design Award
Model housing space innovation award;
2020 Golden Creative International Space Design Award
Real estate sales space innovation award;
2020 Italian International Design Award
Real estate space international innovation design award;
2020 Italian International Design Award
Real estate space international innovation design award;