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Into the tea room on the first floor, the designer upholds the respect and inheritance of traditional Chinese tea culture. Open and regular wooden grilles are used in the tea room. Each horizontal and vertical line not only integrates the charm of traditional Chinese culture, but also blends with the modern architectural style. The overall space is transparent and there are large areas of floor-to-ceiling glass in the space. It has a strong visual impact and interprets the artistic conception of man and nature, independent and inherited to the greatest extent.
Slowly in the front hall, the modern decoration style is dominated by gentle ink colors. The designer takes the ink blue lightly dyed sofa to match the space. The different shades of ink color walls unify the vision, straight lines, uniform colors, concise and neat It also embodies a sense of nature and detail. , The reception lobby is concise and atmospheric, and the artwork in the reception lobby incorporates the charm of oriental ink painting, making the space solemn and all-encompassing.
The modern decoration style is dominated by soft neutral colors, the lightness of wood veneer, the rhythm of hanging paintings, the outline of furniture, the texture of suede, the clean air of wood, the light charm of cotton and linen, the lightness of lines, and the color The low saturation of the light, the warmth of the light...Various soft decorative elements form rhyme in the space, connecting in series and creating a deep mood in the space. The light fell inch by inch, without losing elegance in the ethereal.
The staircase adopts a diversified and scattered structure, which gives people a bright artistic atmosphere. The splicing of sports marble and wood brings rhythm to the entire space. The pure white marble at the bottom of the skin collides with the wooden surface, creating a different kind of beauty. The staircase is integrated into the art space, so that every step of the guests’ walk is full of surprises and full of ritual.
Based on the change of the color temperature of light, the sand board area establishes a unified gentle tone for the overall space, and forms layers with the same color system. With light-colored wood, warm beige stone, black stainless steel, gray terrazzo and other light-absorbing materials, the light is retained. Everything seems to give way to light, but light is revealed everywhere. One light and one shadow, one bright and one dark, one fictitious and one real, it is not so much that the indoor space carries the elegance of nature, it is more of people's perception of the space environment, which is in harmony with nature.
The color brightness of the negotiation area gradually increases with the design movement, brown and yellow interlace as a transition, giving the color space a sense of layering and exquisiteness. The delicate and subtle art installations and ornaments are just right to become embellishments, although they are not unassuming. More and more highlights the warmth and transparency of the overall space.
The tone of the artistic staircase is very tense and ritual. The sculpture "Stone Movement" by Marina Esmeraldo is placed next to the stairs. It draws inspiration from nature and memory, creates an interesting balance with raw materials in nature, and captures the eternal movement of sand in the desert. Flow energy. The incredibly cool, precise, and elegant shape looks like using immense power to capture people's time.

Designer:Wally Mau

Wally Mau has more than 20 years of interior design experience, led the MAUDEA design team to walk in the forefront of the interior design ndustry, with its visionary and determined design concept, guiding the development of MAUDEA. He has always believed that innovation is based on the perfect imagination of customer needs.Therefore, every contact with a new design project, Wally from the beginning of the design of the project began to participate, and adhere to the full participation, attention to every detail, its rich experience so that many problems can be solved. Wally has been working with the real estate group to maintain good communication and coordination, fully understand their needs, to achieve the perfect combination of form and function, access to the owners and the industry a high degree of recognition.