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Guiyang Zhongtian GUI Aluminum Sales Center


“The more things you take away, the more pure you leave behind” ----Minimalist Master Jil Sander “The greatest beauty is the simplest.....”
Minimalism is also a kind of “Extreme Luxury”, without complicated decoration and intricate lines. It emphasizes the function of space and rejects redundant decoration. It simplifies the design elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to a minimum, but has extremely high requirements for the texture and technology of materials. The seemingly simple design actually contains countless unexpected details, as well as the designer’s thinking in the process of trade-off. Then, with a concise and perspicuous design language, it outlines the texture of life and perfectly interprets the life philosophy of “Less is More”.

Designer: Wen Tianci

Graduated from Hunan University of Technology Founded Shenzhen Liupai United Design Co., LTD with partners in 2008 Founded Shenzhen Zhe Si Design Consulting Co., LTD in 2013