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Poetic dwelling is a spiritual home for people. Suzhou, a warm and beautiful city in the south of the Yangtze River, flows in the pens of the writers and walks in the modern prosperity. In the process of project creation, the designer grasps the profound understanding of " Minimalist Oriental", and the design vocabulary of deconstructionism making the order, level, form and temperament interweave in multiple ways. The architectural expression language not only has the shape, color and meaning of the east, but also has the spiritual characteristics of modern minimalism.
The classical gardens and Suzhou Museum constitute the ancient and modern correspondence between the oriental spirit and minimalism in this city. And also becoming the spiritual background of the sales center for designers. In this case, the spatial rhythm of Suzhou architecture and its unique garden experience are the responses of the design to the urban context. The logic clue of "Garden tour" runs through, relying on the oriental context, and giving consideration to both practical function and spiritual care.
Multiple material adorns the space. Marble, metal, sandstone, wood and so on set the fundamental tone of it. As one of the traditional Chinese colors, Dai Cyan is often used in the costumes of Kunqu Opera, appearing in the space in the form of marble skillfully. The sequential connection part of it, is a series of dense and orderly partition walls . Meanwhile, the process and details are very elegant. The landscape stair makes connection with different areas, which is interpreted by wood and art painting together. The double- layer design enricures the visual sense. Visitors perceive the aesthetics of contemporary life in an artistic atmosphere.
The oriental garden is not like the western garden in a glance, but making good use of the artistic space criss crossing with scenery borrowing each other. The clear moving line and every step with a change of scene, conveying the designer's philosophical thinking on rationality and art. Capturing natural light as well as not seeing the lighting is the key point of the design. Large area of French Windows instantly eliminate the boundary of indoor and outdoor. The corridor is dotted with trees and stones, bringing the natural landscape indoors and reflecting the harmony between man and nature.artistic atmosphere.
This project is not only a sales center, but also a poetic spiritual space. The architectural expression language not only has the shape, color and artistic conception of the East, but also has the spiritual characteristics of modern minimalism. Compared to the sales center with heavy commercial atmosphere, the designer breaks the boundary between architecture, landscape and interior to push aside the stylization and sideways, so as to alleviate the visual aesthetic fatigue for people in modern times. The natural landscape of Suzhou gardens is brought to the interior space, where the interior and exterior mix together, hoping to make it possible for people finding their soul belonging.

Designer: Hongfei Yan

Hongfei Yan, famous Chinese interior designer, is the founding partner& design director of WJ Design. Being good at the innovation and application of space design. Taking "Oriental · Boundless" as the design proposition, he insists that space design is the reflection of social values and the combination of sensibility and rationality. In works, he tries to build a cultural experience with " limited words embody rich and colorful meaning", and endows contemporary life with infinite possibilities.