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A trip to the sun and the moon, if it goes out; Star-Han is brilliant, if it comes out of it. Cao Mengde's eyes were full of thousands of seas and stars, which has always been the theme that we miss in the idea of "poetic space". I hope that literature, especially ancient poems and songs, can build a connection between ancient and modern times with contemporary space.
As a politician's eyes, he has the ambition of the whole world, so I can't explain it here. But as a poet's eyes, it can be placed between the boundless heaven and earth, at the boundless end, or within ten feet, with his heart in the sky.
I live in the country, and at night in early spring, I walk my dogs on the hillside, sit on the half slope and watch them play and bite in the moonlight. Spring night, still chilly, bright moon, vaguely see shallow galaxy flying across the sky.
I haven't paid attention to the Milky Way for a long time. Meng De said,"If you go to the sun and the moon, if you go out of it; Xinghan is brilliant, if it is out of it. " Immediately jump out of my mind, yes! Why not bring new works into this poetic situation?
I didn't use the third person to express the structure of the whole space, but rather used the first person to show what I saw and felt in turn. This sentence is a bit confusing to the space shaper, and it may be easy for the literary creator to say. Simply put, as a witness of space, I am not the space shaper.
The order of space begins with the elevated tea table, and I am like the owner of the tea table. The story of space unfolds here in turn. I want to see the poet's galaxy crossing the heavens and the earth, the stars lost by the sun and the moon, and the galaxy falling to the ground since the beginning of the day.
This treatment ignores the limitation of height on space, widens the scale between different spaces, and separates the independence of regions. It is not only the builder of this spatial temperament, but also the connector of every spatial relationship. Space is naturally divided into four parts, which are independent and connected with each other.
To the right of Tianhe, the clouds are dense, and the sky is far away. Tianhe is to the left, looking at its misty morning mist, and its gurgling is too clear. Tianhe is before, Xinghe interweaves with Heaven and Earth, and Heaven and Earth merge with Xinghe. Tianhe to me, watching Zhufang interest pervades, slowly circling several cases. As if heaven and earth were in my heart, my heart cared about between heaven and earth.
The shining stars flowing between heaven and earth weaken the oppression caused by the lack of height, on the contrary, let me dare to raise most of the space to a higher level, and create richer space experience and exhibition effect. With the release of 20% space, each exhibition area has a relatively broad stage and perspective, and the released poetic space regulates the boring and heavy exhibition of a single type of products.
This is a re-frame of the spatial function of the whole wooden exhibition hall. In the past, the single exhibition function of the wooden exhibition hall encountered great challenges here. We emphasize the exhibition of this space; Communication; Professionalism; Pay equal attention to sharing.
At present, the first place in the product exhibition hall may still be exhibition, but its content has undergone some changes. In the past, the purpose of wooden exhibition halls was to stimulate consumers' sympathetic consumption and simulate consumption, which made it difficult to shake the store thinking.
However, with the improvement of consumers' comprehensive quality and the intervention of professionals, it is difficult to satisfy their psychology of sharing consumption, so the exhibition tends to professional expression and ability expression of manufacturers.
In the final analysis, the design of household products is to serve families and people. Whole wood customization is not only the largest module for high-end household consumption (except equipment), but also the most professional product.
As an exhibition hall, it not only needs to solve the presentation of products, but also needs to solve the inner needs of consumers, professionals and manufacturers, so it is a space for professional exchanges.
As a first-time strayed guest, he needs this space to leave a special and clear memory for him, and uniqueness is the best choice for high recognition. The uniqueness of space makes the first communication with strangers here. You will stand out from the crowd, and he is willing to have a second chance to communicate with you.
As a regular customer, he needs to have a deeper understanding of the products. No matter where you live, you can change your sights and products. You can also sit for a moment to communicate what you need, or you can hold a fragrant tea and talk about it. As a professional designer, he needs more professional elements, such as a sample selection area like a workbench and an open reporting and communication area.
As a manufacturer, there is an excellent stage for new product release and a comfortable space for peer-to-peer communication. Each space is not only a display of similar areas, but also a communication area where cameras move. It is also a professional communication platform shared by consumers, professionals and manufacturers.

Designer: Fanfeng Meng

Founder of Weiyang Creative Space Design Office; Creative director
Founder of Ziyue Boutique Hotel Management Company
Master of interior space design, Chelsea School of Design, University of London, UK
Design concept: Start with use, extend with beauty, and reach the heart.
His work involves architectural planning and design, interior space design, environmental design, graphic design, product design and soft-fitting design. From 2005 to 2007, he studied space design at Chelsea School of Design in university of the arts london, England and obtained a master's degree in space design.
In 2006, my team accepted the invitation of the Queen of England to decorate Buckingham Palace for Christmas.
In 2011, he won the offer of MA for space and lighting design from Royal College of Art.
In February of the same year, he won the offer of PHD for space and media from University of Art London (university of the arts london).