Best of Club Space

Greenland inter city space


As a high-end series of Greenland Group products, Greenland inter city space is designed and built to create a luxurious and elegant experience tailored to the ingenuity of the owner. To create a high-end club that integrates catering, leisure, business and other service functions for Mingshi, it also interprets the unique high-quality residential experience of the Greenland Yibin·East Hall. Design concept: Modern Shanghai style. Shanghai style is a typical "people-oriented" school influenced by the concept of humanistic consumption in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It draws on the advanced decoration culture from outside and fully reflects the local decoration culture of old Shanghai. The concept of this style itself is very abstract, it is just a multi-dimensional artistic phenomenon: inclusive, all-encompassing, flashy, exquisite and elegant, the combination of Chinese and Western, and the pursuit of innovation.


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