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The material, configuration, line, color matching, body proportion and structure of each space in this case have been carefully studied and screened. In the design, we began to look for a new aura and atmosphere, which can be a kind of Zen of life or a kind of natural aesthetics. Brush off the noise and noise, return to the simple state of mind, mountain scenery quietly into the residential space. The stable and introverted color of the window frame outlines the space lines. It deliberately matches with the slightly warm wood materials to soften the masculine and cool colors, and creates a warm and warm atmosphere at home. It goes up to the private sector and continues the wooden calling color full of Oriental Zen in public space, rendering the elegant artistic conception of book fragrance and light ink marks.

Designer: Yuan Haigen

Design Idea: Design comes from life, design embodies human nature, considers people's feelings, people's feelings of color, sound, smell
Graduated school:Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology.

Bachelor degree.Environmental Art Design
Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts Environmental Art Design

Work experience:
Since June 2013, he has worked in the decoration design Nanchang branch of Shenzhen Kang Zhi Ju, one of the design directors.
In April 2013, he worked for -5 Yi Cheng(ECS) International Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. as director of design.
From December 2009 to April 2013, he took up the post of Chief Designer of Hong Kong Gawain Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
2018 he won the award of "the top ten outstanding designers of the year"
2017 was the source of IFI design. World view "the top ten design figures of the year"
2017 awarded the "top ten villa" award for the International Space Design
Competition ecological Award
2017 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 was "nest Award" finalist award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten
title villa" award
2015 Won the "AET prize" award of the International Space Design Award
2015 was "Ait" Award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten title villa" award