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Green City, Western Hills Yunlu
Designer / Agency
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Chinese traditional culture advocates the aesthetic pursuit of “Taking mountains as virtue and water as nature”. Designers use the scenery of Western Hills as an inspiration to the aesthetics of the Song dynasty, gradually unveiling a warm and elegant way of life with the movement of twelve hours, hierarchy of the Order of space, to create a modern building fusion of the bone of the east, honor and quiet with the living place.

Agency: Beijing Shanhe Jinyuan Art and Desing Stock Co., Ltd.

Enterprises are committed to the pursuit of returning to the essence of life space design, for the elite customized high-end space experience. SHD Shanhe design collection of brand, space, art, media, display and other quality resources, is a high-quality and efficient design services for the core competitiveness, focus on high-end design custom service design service-oriented enterprises.