Best of Home Residence

Gorgeous Flare


This is a 54 square meters’ residential project, and the design team used a flexible method to complete the layout design and harmonious color schemes to plan a comfortable and customized residence for the homeowner. The design of this residential project makes good use of the surrounding natural environment based on the open and transparent thinking pattern, creative techniques, and everything is planned in accordance to the client’s family living habits. Plenty of hidden cabinets that are available not only be the answer of the storage needs of the clients but also to enhance the clean visual experience. The reading area on the side of the living room becomes the emphasize of the house, so, when people get into the space, whether the visual perception, lighting, or interpersonal communication, the view from any angle or perspective still can expand the space experience and bring excellent interactive functions to this residential project.

KENSING interior design

Having a thorough understanding and application in the field of interior design and soft furnishing design, and knowing deeply that design is not only for interior design, but also a crystallization of big data for life observation, in addition using it in various designs. We look for the unique story of the user's main axis using various designs to cover the serial "space".
Both space and decorations are the main axis that runs through the design, as if the individuality is unique from inside out. "Interior design" and "soft furnishing design" are both indispensable in the KENSING interior design team. The residential design, commercial design, office design and exhibition venues design themselves are cross lines, "space, furniture, software" and "movement" encountered with“traffic flow, user behavior, storage”, and the user is the meeting point. The demand is an unknown need, "KENSING interior design" creates demand and enhances a higher level of life for users. We use form, color, and material throughout hard furnishing which are sky, earth, wall and soft furnishing which are "furniture, curtains, decorations", using the concept exactly in the space which in turn becomes a real DESIGN.