INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Gone With Wind
Luo Ling Hua

Ningbo chengzuo Decoration Design Co., Ltd
Tiny beings have their will to complete themselves. Each space also has its own desired appearance. Small space making up the big space also has the structure of independent thinking, combined by moving lines. Another amazing thing about the space is the light—the light through the Windows, the light belonging to the house. Before space is planned, the sun won’t know how much light it will give off. The creation by a human being and the creation of the room can ask for a ray of sunshine. Space is a society composed of rooms. In a real plane, many spaces will have a talk here, and when you go into the space, you can say a lot of spaces are in the structure of light. Space has its character. She looks like a shy girl. The surface of the rich curve makes her mellow and delicate. But in the gentle performance, she is full of strength and resolute. With iron structure, the elevation of the steps and the separation of line lamps, there exist independent thinking, contradictions and entanglements. Space has its own tones, and I imagine myself thinking of space as something towering and domed, or under a dome. I give it music qualities, interlaced with the tones of space, high and narrow, from white and transparent to dark. Through the holes in the wall, the space inside can show the sense of depth and transparency, eliminating the weight of the building and creating a sense of transparency and depth. A measurable approach depended on, the final presentation must be non-measurable.