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Golden Stone River Bay Sales office


Star River Sales Center design description Qingjun li Hsu Yun poem: "Han Hou li ban protection Gan Quan, a gully bi clarify Ying Lian. Good night with gurgling sound, water with smoke under moonlight ". The project is named Xinghe Bay, which is located by the Bank of Yinghe River. With pleasant scenery, abundant sunshine, convenient transportation, and complete surrounding facilities, it is very livable. Therefore, the project absorbs the element of "water", the static, dynamic and artistic conception of water.
This case is located in the third floor of Xing He Wan Club, which is the top floor of the building. The space is a double-sided sloping top, and the space height is very ideal. The designer USES the structural trend of the sloping top of the building and combines the marketing and reception process to comb out a reasonable spatial moving line, and makes full use of the spatial height difference relationship of the building. First of all, when the guests get out of the elevator, what they see is an art installation made of blue balls of different sizes. It is like the moment when water drops fall, which is both dynamic and static. The concave mirror water scene under the ground reflects the ball device down, which has the visual impact of moving to change the scene. On the right is the reception desk, with a glass crystal brick wall in the background, which brings light into the room and shields the outside from the chaos, allowing guests to calm down and learn about the project. Sand table exhibit is composed of two stone wall circumference and space, the smallpox deliberately reduce the flat-topped, is made of corrugated steel plate, like the wind blows over the surface of the water, reflecting the space above the smallpox, the top of the sand table, with a tapered elliptical embedding, imitation is the skylight above, large screen on both sides of the sand respectively with the location plan and facilitate interpretation, planning layout for bronze series form, beautifully crafted, monomer model sand table in the window position, sales staff in the interpretation of the family at the same time, also can see the other side of the shaying river, like see the river in his balcony, enhance the experience. After watching the sand table and entering the negotiation area, the designer USES the pillars to set up the bookshelf, door fan, wall lamp and door fan in grey and blue to form the sequential aesthetic feeling. The sofa area is divided into 5 groups of Spaces to form their own relatively private conversation space. The door fan and the bookshelf then become the props to divide the space, erect and elegant. The end of the corridor is the water bar platform, where a row of abstract sculptures are set to form the opposite scene. The designer deliberately lowers the space of the water bar platform, and the upper whole surface is made of mirror, which extends the endless vision of the double broken roof and brings people unexpected happiness. The hanging sculpture of the water bar terrace is a delicate Chinese architecture, implying that every project of The stone estate is a work of craftsmanship. Facing the area of the water bar, for the display wall of corporate culture, the designer specially introduces the part of the text in the form of copper carving, and with the wall light washing, the exquisite expression of copper, meaning stone real estate integrity, strong strength.

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About the design of orange: Juli (Tianjin) Decoration Design Co., LTD., with a team of excellent young designers, has been adhering to the spirit of innovation since its establishment in 2010, constantly learning and improving the team potential, explore more possibilities, and strive to provide owners with the best design and engineering solutions.
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We constantly examine our urban life, explore better changes with design, restart the beauty of our life, constantly extend the creative boundary, and build a relatively moderate and ideal life form.