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Germicidal Sleep Lighting


Given the current base lighting of mainly fixed light source, home disinfection requires disinfection facilities like special air purifier and UVR germicidal lamp to assist in germicidal cleaning and disinfection. However, the effectiveness of air purifier is limited, and the UVR germicidal lamp cannot be used in the presence of people due to its harm to the human body. To enhance the utilization rate of home appliance and reduce space occupation, the designer integrates the disinfection function into a mobile sleep-aid lamp to create this portable disinfection sleep-aid lamp, aiming to bring a healthy living space for users and create a safe and sleep-friendly state.
This product adopts solid-state semiconductor DUV and NUV chips, combined with 10nm visible light catalyst nano-coating technology and intelligent electronic control system to achieve disinfection within 60 seconds in the presence of people. Without polluting the environment, it can quickly inactivate harmful substances and germs in 1 cubic meter of space. With the lamp color temperature of 2700K and illumination of 80 Lux, the optical efficiency is well designed. The crescent-shaped light range creates a relaxed atmosphere, allowing users to easily fall asleep in soft light. The light-transmitting layer with photocatalyst coating on the outer surface can continuously purify the air under the action of light particles, without harming human body or producing secondary pollution. Turn on the sleep-aid lamp when going to bed to help sleep and stimulate the visible light photocatalyst to produce light ions, thus killing and inhibiting germs, eliminating odors, and bringing a healthy and comfortable sleep environment.
The UVR lamp and sleep-aid lamp will not be turned on simultaneously. To prevent misoperation, it’s required to rotate out the UVR lamp bead after pressing the left-side switch to turn on the UVR lamp. The UV light source will be lit when the angle is 60-90 degrees downwards, along with a timeout shutdown function of up to 15min long, beyond which it will turn off automatically, thus effectively protecting the human body.
The antibacterial holder can be folded inward to reduce the storage footprint and make it easier to carry for business travel. It can be used by hand and be installed flexibly and conveniently, with a three-point stand that can be angled to fit any flat facility. This product can provide users with a healthy living environment and effectively alleviate the anxiety brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.