Best of Dinning Space

Fresh Beef Hot Pot-Silver King


This project is a brand-new upgraded brand space focusing on beef hot pot. The theme of the brand-new upgraded brand is named Silver King, so the space is interpreted around the concept of "dining at Silver King, experiences the geometry of the space.”
Layout concept:
In the plan layout of the whole space, the designer uses the principle of geometric segmentation to divide the complete space into several functional areas, and interprets a new spatial vision through the use of geometric modeling. The splicing and collocation of geometric modules presents the best solution. The ups and downs of the cut geometric shapes are like the galloping cattle, which improves the overall improvement of operating function and dining function.
Space concept:
In the color selection of Silver King, the designer loves mysterious black and pure white. When the two are intertwined, they merge into another calm and elegant color-gray. In order to fully match the theme concept of Silver King, the color of the whole space is mainly gray, which is inclusive. At the same time it greatly increases the comfort of the space color. With orange as the auxiliary color, it shows strong tension.
The use of corrugated aluminum plates and frosted stainless steel materials highlights the delicate texture without strong reflection. At the same time, it forms a strong contrast with the wall art wallboard, making the rhythm of the space more obvious. The use of orange acrylic enhances the overall quality and space sense of the shop.
Neutral lighting weakens the effect of light on the product, allowing customers to feel the details of the space more intuitively.

SMT-Decoration Design

SMT-Decoration Design focuses on the understanding of the local commercial market and cultural needs, a deep understanding of the relationship between Chinese and Western cultures and the development of local commercial culture, focusing on the exploration of products and personalities, brands and market trends, and condensing them into The language of effective communication with the market and with consumers. Try to make yourself stand at a higher height to promote the market.
SMT-Decoration Designwas established in 2014. It is a comprehensive brand management design agency integrating market research, marketing strategy, corporate visual image design, space design, and project implementation. Its service scope includes: commercial and public spaces Design, office space design, graphic design, visual creative design, architectural plan design, green landscape design, environmental planning plan design and project implementation, etc.