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Foshan Vanke Nanhai Sky City


Vanke Sky City aims to be the first TOD living city at the junction of Guangzhou and Buddhism. It will become a residential landmark in Sanshan New Town wenhan Lake Kechuang Town and become a convenient, comfortable and livable community. The project is surrounded by Sanshan Forest Park, Wenhan Lake Park and high-speed railway park, bringing the owners a comfortable and comfortable life. The first batch of the project will introduce the low-density small high-rise products with the construction surface of about 81-143 square meters. The interior soft decoration DESIGN of the sample room will be performed by IF DESIGN Yuguo.
95㎡ Warm city building love space
The building area is about 95 square meters, which is the main product of the project. Entering the model room, the house has three rooms facing south, facing south nearly 10 meters, and the landscape balcony of about 3.7 meters. This case of hard color tone to light gray tone as the basis, soft color color selection bright yellow ornament, is based on the master and hostess met in a desert travel to locate.
The master of the space is a visual designer and the hostess is a freelance illustrator who loves Matisse's work but also has her own design style. Interior design elements are also refined and coherent by these line-shaped design illustrations.
The color that host and hostess meet for the first time -- bright yellow runs through and applies in whole space, combine the illustration creation style of goodwife's distinctive, make the household environment that belongs to this family exclusive memory differently.
The background wall of the master bedroom has the wallpaper with a very artistic sense of line. The fresco with simple outline is full of warmth and tells the story of continued space. Design of back of a chair also is worn with its echo, fashionable and concise and the breath of elegant city of not simple diffuses.
86㎡ The forest is a wonderful natural space
The proposed male host of this space is a photographer; The hostess is an Instagram beauty blogger. She likes shooting VLOG, reading and traveling. She is full of endless love for life and likes all beautiful things. The designer takes the forest wonderland as the theme, integrates the animal and plant elements in the nature into the space design, and creates a romantic and poetic modern home environment.
The whole space color applies to fit the sensitivity of the character positioning of the hostess beauty makeup blogger to color. The designer skillfully USES the contrast relation between two kinds of high-lightness colors, namely green and pink, to enhance the dreamlike feeling of the space. Through bold powdery gray green match color, neutralized pink childish, presented soft and powerful space.
Natural color household ornament and furniture metal color collocation, with simple and not contracted lines to create artistic conception comfort. The theme of forest wonderland is reflected in the pillows, paintings, flowers and artistic decorations in the space, and you can enjoy the natural environment with different natural elements.
140㎡ Light luxury and modern and elegant space
The owner of 140 households is a public company executive with taste and taste in life, and the hostess is a jewelry designer who loves literature and fashion. The design is inspired by the spirit of Bulgari, a top Italian jewelry brand. The whole space is mainly orange, dotted with light blue and gray. The new modernist design technique interprets the diversified modern light luxury and luxury space.
Designers will be leisure, elegant style taste, artistic expression techniques into the urban new rich living space, the material on the use of leather, marble, velvet fabric, the continuation of classical elegance and respect, the synchronization of bulgari classic gemstone green ornament, both fashion and elegant.
The designer extracts the classic elements, material collocation and color relation in bulgari jewelry design and applies them in the space design. In the selection of soft decoration decorations, the designer pays attention to the comprehensive utilization of various materials, and the sense of texture Outlines the spiritual beauty of Bulgari.
120㎡Rubik's Cube Art Space
The owner of 120 households is an architect with international vision, love of art, and deeply influenced by Chinese and Western culture. The hostess is a fashion editor whose life is exquisite and elegant. The designer put forward the design idea of rubik's cube blue. Rubik's cube symbolizes change and imagination, and expresses the duality of pure and filtered space, which is an interpretation of art, future and design.
The designer considers the space as a work of art and then polishes it as a whole to turn the exhibition space into an art space. Meanwhile, modern humanistic elements are added to integrate art into the living space and present a modern fashion space with great artistic quality.
In all colors, blue is the most enjoyed by both sexes, the designer like a magician general blue flexible application in each space, add a better sense of life ceremony, also make the space more vivid rich levels.
The dominant color that integral black and white gray plain color is a foundation, large area is adorned with elegant simple sense blue tone, and let a space have the taste of life and life more, the color level of the space and artistic rhythm set off each other. It shows the owner's rational and wise attitude in pursuit of high quality simple and comfortable lifestyle.

If Design

IF design has consistently adhered to the concept of “aesthetics/life/new life”. Continuously cross the border to ensure the forward-looking and innovative design. Respect for customer traits and cultural diversity, and inject a never-ending enterprising power into a better life.
Co-founder. Creative Director & General Manager: Zhang Yu
Co-founder. Design Director: Lu Shangfeng
Partner: Director of Hardwear Design: Zhang Dianchen

2019 French Double-faced God GPDP AWARD" International Design Awards
Model Room Space Silver Award
2019 French Double-faced God GPDP AWARD" International Design Awards
Villa Space Silver Award
2019 French Double-faced God GPDP AWARD" International Design Awards
International Creative Design Award for Real Estate Space
2019 French Double-faced God GPDP AWARD" International Design Awards
Office Space International Innovation Design Award
2020 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Awards
Silver Award for Real Estate Space
2020 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Awards
Silver Award for Real Estate Space
2020 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Awards
International Innovation Design Award