INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales

Foshan Hejing Sales Center


The interior space design of Foshan Hejing Longjing Sales Office embodies the modern style, simple and perfect detail beauty, retains the material and general style, and discards the complex texture and decoration. With the appropriate integration of Hermes orange and sapphire blue, a modern artistic sense of low-key and exquisite details arises spontaneously, and the local decoration of jumping group space increases the flowing color and vitality. For the details of the space to add more rich levels and connotation. Positioning a new lifestyle. Point, line and surface draw out the outline of the space to create a modern light luxury style.
In the design, mirror, leather, metal and other unique materials are added to show elegance. The orange tone is interspersed among them, breaking the naked simplicity, revealing a trace of flexibility, which is where the charm lies. The integration of artworks improves the space texture, bringing a kind of delicacy and flexibility to the open negotiation area. This fully takes into account the use of space, heighten the overall image and enhance the owners' desire to buy. We specially use leather plus metal negotiation chair and stone metal combination negotiation table to show the quality of the space. Strive to create a comfortable and comfortable negotiation environment for every distinguished customer.

Roundesign Associates