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Flowing Water Art Museum


This work intense to use artistic minimalist design language to create a natural and pure space.
It is a "Flowing Water Art Museum" on the edge of the Jialing River in Chongqing.
The flowing water presents a tranquil and pure natural flavor, and the light and shadow create the subtle feeling of time and space crisscross.
Wandering in different landscape spaces, we can observe the transparent glass art, the sky with changing light and shadow, the canyon formed by stones, the white light beam shines through the hole, the reflection inside of which is so unreal, as if you are living in another world. When the breeze slips in, we can enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Chongqing under the reddish afterglow; the intersection of time and space as well as the traversal of changing scenery and enlightenment make the art museum pure and profound.
Through the glass box which forms the gate of time and the dancing fountain, we shuttle into the sales office. The interior also combines light and shadow to create an art space of light.
The entrance is high, with the clean wall of wall paint and glass, with the light from the ceiling, it seems we are to enter a temple, and the hanging metal piece installation flows like dripping water, in line with the concept of space.
Through the reception area, you can enter the sand table space, which is a relatively open space. Hanging above the two large sand tables is a LED lantern with more than 700 tubes specially designed for the space, which may change the light and shadow to form different three-dimensional patterns.
The wall is deliberately left blank in a large area. It is in such a clean background that the light and shadow formed by the light through the glass give us a different visual experience in the dynamic change. At the same time, with the shining spot of the scene lighting, it has also become a place where many events can be held, which meets the needs of different clients.
In the meeting area, the smooth dynamics of the spiral staircase are combined with the glass steps of changing light and shadow, making it even more eye-catching. On one side, more than 200 5-meter-long aluminum pipe form organ-shaped chandeliers extending vertically downward from the ceiling, creating a sacred and solemn atmosphere like the church. These are integrated into the space with a large area of blank space from the ceiling to the floor, leaving the space a tranquil and artistic rhythm.
When you go up the stairs, there is a quiet book bar area on the second floor. The soft lighting and the coloring of the seats are modest and elegant, so that people in the space can relax in the simple and gentle colors.
The most beautiful design comes from pure infinite imagination.
By the arrangement of the space, a natural simplicity could heal the soul. In the natural pure white, you may run into a colorful world .

Designer: Tong Yiqing

Mr. Tong got his bachelor degree in Tamkang University in Taiwan and master degree in Southern California School of Architecture. Luigi Snozzi, Mr. Tong’s master tutor at Southern California School of Architecture in Switzerland, is a leader of the Ticino School and a well-known educator, who also collaborated on many projects with Mario Botta, a leading architect of the Ticino school. Mr. Tong is the founder of Shanghai Tong Yiqing Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. He is not only an architect, but also an interior designer and furniture designer. Over the past 30 years in the industry, he has designed a large number of architectural and interior works in the United States, Taiwan and Chinese mainland, whose representative works include Baoyu Hotel on the Bund, Taipei Yadu Hotel, Shanghai Tomson Yipin, COFCO Seaview One, Beijing Yintai, and Beijing Qing Cuiyuan, COFCO Chongqing Tianyue No. 1 sales office, etc.