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Flowing Space


A piece of landscape is a state of mind. The thousand-year-old city of Changzhou, in this historical and cultural city, construct a unique habitat.Outside of form, feel the shifting of spirit.
The building, the position of the square and the atmosphere is a fusion of traditional etiquette and natural landscape. Indoor intervention, hoping to bring into a new source system from the meandering water flow, the collision between the curve and the straight, the gray and the warm, rooted in the same origin and bursting out of different contexts.
The use of aluminum plates continues the rigid materials and mass texture of the building, and uses a few simple strokes to outline the distinction, dissolving the squareness of the space, the continuity and eternity of the lines, like the veins of water.
The curve drives the whole to converge to the center of the sand table, and radiate to the surroundings like ripples, giving the rigid space a sense of flow, like the soft beauty of water. People's eternal desire is to find an ideal place, a place of life to settle down, a quiet space in the hustle and bustle.
The wall falls into the room firmly, summing up the space function and releasing the space volume at the same time, leaving the most favorable scale and view to people.
The inclination of the wall, the shift of the wall, and the stacking space create visual interlacing and borrowing, creating more visual possibilities in a limited scale. Light is injected and diffused, and the metaphor of water follows the direction of light to lead to the infinite future.
Passing through the cracks in the stone, rushing into the field, bursting out crisp ballads. The physical form of the space intersects the real and the light, breaking and subtracting from the cold and blunt boundary, and the poetic breath is embedded in it, embracing a deeper life experience.
Lightly and vigorously introduces and continues the architecture and landscape, the outline of the shape grows horizontally, blurring the internal and external boundaries, based on the natural carving and transition, it is the soul's self-transmission, and also the future Appropriate guidance.
The trickle flows down, with the tolerance of adapting to all things and the persistence to cleanse the world, based on natural carving, light and shadow circulation, it is the fusion of modernity and tradition.
Just draw a picture, there is a story in the painting, and become a small world. The soft light opens up a warm, relaxing and safe space for children. Cuteness and fun are the world we hope children can have.
Life is a kind of waiting, ideal is a kind of spiritual appointment, the hidden soul is faint, the deep life situation, the soul is released in the natural and clean direction of space, and the humanity is radiated in the natural world.
Do not pursue the beauty and perversion of appearance, return to the true nature of the mountain and forest house, but have the spirit to treat this person, this is the habitat. The water is long and the road is long. Even when it is a blue sunset, because of the desire to return, the magic of life is unpredictable and glows with strength in expectations, turning it into unlimited possibilities.

Designer: Luo Wei

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